Sunday, November 22, 2015

Snippet Sunday

Hello and welcome to another Snippet Sunday! Today we have more NaNoWriMo Home Ice gay-for-you hockey goodness. I'm always wondering if I should tag my GFY books BFY or bi-for-you since my characters in these discovery books are always bisexual. Guess I'll just stick with the established genre tag so as not to confuse folks.

In today's snippet Jarrod is breaking the news to his twin sister, Juliet, about his now budding relationship with his nanny, Nash, as she prepares Christmas dinner. Please ignore any big mistakes. This has never seen the eyes of an editor. I'm sure it needs it! There is mature language to be found in this snippet. If that offends now is the time to move along to another blog.

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            "Can I tell you something?" I asked as Jules worked on the green bean casserole.

            "Of course," she said then handed me two cans of cream of mushroom soup. "Open those will you?"I tugged on the pull-tabs then passed the soup back to my sister. "So what is it that you want to tell me? Is it this dress? I told Drew it was too snug but he insisted it wasn't. I need to cut back on the stress eating. Arin! Daniel! Please take those guns outside!"

            The two young men, and Jedi Master Kenley, skidded to a halt.

            "Mom, it's like forty thousand degrees below zero outside," her eldest exclaimed. Juliet gave me a long look.

            "He gets that penchant for exaggeration from his father. Fine, then go upstairs and close your bedroom door. Kenley, do you want to help Aunt Juliet make a casserole?"

            "No! I am killing aliens that the boys miss," Kenley shouted then whapped her cousin on the back with her light saber. Arin ran off taking shots at her over his shoulder. Danny doubled back around. The sound of the three kids pounding up the old stairs filled the house.

            "She's a Jedi, they don't have time for creating casseroles. They have universes to save," I told Juliet. My sister snorted in amusement. "So listen, about this thing that I want to tell you." I folded my arms over the sweater that Nash had presented me with earlier today. He had said the gold would compliment my brown hair and eyes. "I'm kind of seeing someone."

            Juliet stopped sprinkling dried onions over her souped-up green beans. Her dark eyes met mine.

            "Oh Jarrod, I am so happy to hear that!" She beamed at me. I began to rock back and forth. "Why didn't you bring this 'Person You're Seeing' along?" She threw up air quotes then bumped my hip with hers.

            "I did." Juliet snorted then resumed sprinkling fried onions over the top of her casserole. A couple long minutes ticked past. She glanced up at me when I didn't say anything else.

            "Jarrod, stop being an ass," Juliet snapped in anger.

            "I'm not being an ass, Jules. I'm seeing Nash."

            "Oh please, this isn't funny, Jarrod. You know how much I want you to find someone else and give Kenley…" She stared deeply into my eyes. "You're serious."

            "As a heart attack," I replied. She made a blind lunge for the sherry bottle. After she had tipped back a couple gulps, her brown eyes grabbed and held mine.

            "I need to sit down for a minute." My sister plunked her backside into a chair at her round kitchen table. I sat down next to her. She sat staring at her hands. "How can a man as firmly planted in the Victorian era as you are…Do you mean seeing someone like hanging out, scratching your balls and burping in unison or seeing someone like…"

            "I mean seeing someone like we have meaningful sex on an almost daily basis and have been doing so for quite some time."

            "Hand me that fucking sherry." 

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Cathy Brockman said...

I love this story so much I think it will become a favorite I cannot wait to read it all.

V.L. Locey said...

Thanks, Cathy!

Flossie Benton Rogers said...

Cathy suggested I pop over and see your Sunday Snippet, and I'm glad I did. I love his sister's reaction. I think she'd better switch to the hard stuff though;)