Sunday, November 8, 2015

Snippet Sunday

Hi all! Since I'm busily working toward my 50,000 word goal for NaNoWriMo I don't have time for blog post writing. Instead I thought it would be keen to share a snippet from my current WIP. This month I'm working on an M/M erotic hockey GFY (Gay For You) novel titled Home Ice. 

At first I thought it would be a novella but it's already up to 15 K and our guys haven't even kissed yet. Looks like a novel to me! The basis of the story is that Jarrod Troy has lost his wife and now has to resume his hockey career with a young daughter to care for. He ends up hiring Nash Sullivan to fill the role of his nanny. And, of course, even though I know it does not work this way in real life, the previously straight (or so he thought) Jarrod finds himself wildly attracted to Nash. Will things end with a happily ever after for our two guys? I sure hope so.

 So here is a small excerpt from Home Ice. I hope you enjoy it! Please forgive any errors you may find, this is unedited and amazingly rough. See you next week with more!


            "You'll be okay." She reached up to pat my cheek. The doorbell rang. We both sat up and looked at each other. "Could that be the next nanny?"

            "Maybe Miss Boobs forgot something."

            Juliet shoved her glass into my chest, rocketed to her feet and then stormed to the front door, her arms swinging strongly. God bless Miss Tits if she had come back. I leaned up to put my sister's tumbler on a coaster that rested on the coffee table. I brushed off a few crumbs that Kenley had dropped then I picked up the baby monitor to listen in on my daughter. She was still napping nicely upstairs by the sounds. Her soft little exhalations always soothed me. Do parents ever stop listening for the sound of their children breathing in the night?

            "Jarrod?"My sight leaped from the monitor in my hand to my sister and an incredibly handsome if somewhat casually dressed man at her side. "I called you three times," Juliet explained as she slowly led the man into the living room. I pushed to my feet, my attention held by the man's soft hazel eyes. They were striking, the color of a new growth forest dappled with touches of the sky. "This is Nash Sullivan from The Carson Agency."

            "Sorry," I extended my hand to the sandy-blonde man. His handshake was strong. Had he drawn his hair up into a bun? "You're a nanny?" It fell out of me. I know that it was rude and sexist but one just didn't see tall, strapping males in the child care field. "I'm sorry again. My mind and my tongue seem to be at odds most of the time. It's been a rough time for us the past year or so."

            "I'm a nanny yes, and it's okay. I get that reaction quite a bit. I'm sorry for your difficulties."


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Cathy Brockman said...

This sounds so good. I love Gay for you stories well I love all romance LOL I can't wait to read this

Jean Joachim said...

Love this! You've sucked me in already.

V.L. Locey said...

Thanks ladies!