Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Crashing the Crease Release Day!

I am humbled and thrilled to be part of the Seduced by the Game Collection again this year. I hope that you support the cause and grab a copy of each book as they release. You can keep track of donations by visiting the Seduced by the Game website:

Seduced by the Game Website

Even if hockey romance or gay romance isn't your thing, consider purchasing the books and chalk up the $2.99 price as charitable donations to help the fight against cancer. You can find buy links below the blurb. Thank you! Together we will find a cure.


Isaac Spencer met J.D. Bazin for the first time during game one of the collegiate championship in Isaac`s junior year. The meeting did not go well. Bazin, a power forward for the opposing team, crashed Isaac`s net, taking the goalie out of the play and out of the series with a knee injury that nearly ended Isaac`s career.

Angry words flew back and forth between the players involved as well as the coaches, colleges, press, and fans. After a grueling summer filled with surgery and rehab, Isaac fought his way back. After graduating, the Baltimore Badgers drafted Isaac. The Badgers also drafted J. D. Bazin, much to Isaac`s dismay.

Isaac not only has to fight his disdain of the man who nearly ruined his career, he also has to battle the growing feelings that bubble up whenever J. D. is near. Is it possible to forgive and forget or will animosity over the past be too much for either man to absolve?

All proceeds from the sale of Crashing the Crease will be donated to the New York Rangers Garden of Dreams Foundation.

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Jojo13 said...

How can i purchase Crashing The Crease?
I'ts no longer available on amazon?