Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday Ramble - Signs of Fall

Can you believe that it's the first week of October already? Where the heck did the time go!? I must confess that I do love autumn even though I know that winter is riding in on fall's coat tails. All around us the seasons are changing and those changes are showing up here on the hillside farm. I thought I would share a few sure signs that fall is indeed here in the Laurel Highlands.

One sure sign that autumn has arrived can be seen if you step out onto my front porch and take a peek at the mountain across the creek.

All those lovely leaves have started to tumble from the trees. Lucius is sharing the front porch with some of the latest arrivals.

A sure sign that the season has shifted from summer to fall is a full woodshed and an archery target set up and in heavy use.

And my poor chickens are in the last stages of their molt. The poor girl standing in front of the young Rouen drake still hasn't grown the feathers in on the back of her head. I may need to knit her a cap if she doesn't feather in soon!

What are some of the signs of fall that you see in your area?

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S. J. Qualls said...

Signs of autumn, spider colony webs in the trees. Leaves changing, they don't get pretty here mostly they die from the inside before they fall. The summer birds have already moved back to their winter homes. The farmer stocking up hay. This is the blah time of year here, as we wait for the thrill (I'm being cheeky here) of all the holidays.