Saturday, September 19, 2015

Game Misconduct Cover Reveal & Exclusive Excerpt!

You readers asked for it and I listened! The second book in a planned trilogy for the man everyone loves to hate, Victor "The Venomous Pole" Kalinski. That's right fans of heroes who are not squeaky clean, Vic is back and bad as ever. It seems that things have been running pretty smoothly for Victor and Dan since we last saw them. Pity that life just can't seem to give our foul-mouthed ginger a break, but then again, if life treated ole V. Kalinksi nicely for too long he would suspect cosmic hijinks.

The release date for Game Misconduct is September 23rd. As soon as I have a preorder link I will share it far and wide!

Now, let's take a good look at the amazing cover for Vic and Dan's latest, shall we?

Mm-hmm. Victor and Dan are looking sexy as heck don't you think? I love the colors in this cover as well! Now to further sharpen your skates, how about an exclusive excerpt that is only available on my blog. This is a small snippet from a conversation that Victor is having with the Cayuga Cougars captain, Mike Buttonwood, who appears at Vic's door one dark and stormy night. Enjoy!

Be warned, these are hockey players and this is Victor Kalinski. Foul, rotten language can be found sprinkled heavily in the following excerpt. If that offends feel free to move to another blog. Okay, warning given. You're on your own now. *wink*

Mike pulled the towel from his head and draped it over his shoulders. He was a good-looking guy, sort of. Mid-western features and mentality, but we all can’t be Canadian dwarves with eyes like a lapis lazuli gemstone. I tossed back a stout swallow of whiskey.

“Why were you asking about her?” Mike inquired.

If the lights had been working, I would have been able to see his face better. The angle he stood at made reading him difficult. The candles were jumping like mad. Undulating shadows danced across his face.

“She’s pregnant and she’s named me as the father. Papers are there if you want to read them to verify my statement.”

Mike blinked, then grabbed the papers off the top of the Xbox.

“You got any more of that?” he asked, nodding at the whiskey in my glass.

“Two full bottles await any man with the fine taste required to partake. In the kitchen.” I pointed over my head. “Glasses are in the dishwasher.”

He walked off in the direction of the kitchen, my legal papers in his hand. Thunder made the house vibrate. Rain battered the siding. The door of the dishwasher creaked. When he returned a couple of minutes later, Mike had a full tumbler of Yukon Jack in one hand and my summons in the other.

“So she named you as the father. What a dumb bitch. I take it she doesn’t know you’re queer?”

“I’m bi.” Mike gave me that corn-fed empty gaze. “Bisexual, for those of you who are inbred. It means I like to stick my dinky into twat or ass with equal zeal.”

“I know what it means, Kalinski. I’m not a fucking idiot. Christ, do you have any kind of filter for that cesspool of a mouth?” He tossed back a big gulp, then gagged and coughed.

“Sorry, no filter. I ain’t a pool. So yeah, she named me. I did bang her a few months ago. Guess in my drunken state I forgot to cover the big man.” I reached down to grab my dick. Buttonwood looked disgusted.

He held the summons up to the measly light. “Do you think it’s yours? Maybe she’s trying to pass off some freak’s blow as yours.” He sipped this time and the wheezing was less. I dropped my dick and rested my hand on my abdomen.

“Yeah, I mostly think it’s mine,” I confessed. “She seemed pretty honest, but then again, women aren’t to be trusted.” I shrugged a shoulder. “Who knows? Blood test will prove it one way or the other.”

“She’s a puck bunny out to latch on to a player,” he said as he met my gaze. “They all act sweet and innocent until you put the ring on their finger. Then the inner bitch roars to the surface.”

“Speaking from experience, O Captain, my Captain?”

Lightning illuminated the windows.

“You could say that.”

“Well she isn’t going to get a ring on it no matter how much she liked it. Sit down—you’re making me cranky hovering over me.”

Mike sat on the edge of the sofa cushion, sipping and reading the legal papers that had caused so much trouble.

“Because you’re gay.”

“Bi, remember? Vic pokes all holes. But yeah, that and I’m in it with Dan.”

“Right, bi,” Mike whispered into his half-empty glass. Silence fell. I began humming the Jeopardy theme song. He finally snapped out of it and found me staring expectantly at him. “Sorry, I was woolgathering. I thought something else was going on.”


If you haven't read the first book starring Victor and Dan, now is a great time to pick up a copy! You can find Two Man Advantage at Amazon and all other fine eBook retailers.

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