Sunday, August 23, 2015

What's the Buzz? - August Blogletter

Happy August everyone!

My goodness the time is just racing by! I hope that your summer has been a good one so far. It's winding down now sadly, and soon the cold winter winds will be howling. But, until snow flies we can enjoy what's left of the warm weather. Have you gone on any vacations this summer? My family and I took a day trip to Niagara Falls at the end of July. We had a great time. I never tire of seeing the Falls, they truly are breathtaking. Here are a few pictures from our trip. 

Many of us have children heading back to school. My daughter is starting her sophomore year in college this month. She's a Creative Writing major with a poetry minor. Acorns and trees, I know. I wish I had a tenth of her poetic talent! I dabble with poetry but it's light fluffy stuff. Her work is dark, powerful and dramatic. I keep nudging her to share it with people but so far she hasn`t. Perhaps I'll share one of my poems with you all soon just for fun! I wish all of your children the best of luck with their upcoming school years.

August also marks my three-year tobacco free anniversary. Giving up smoking after twenty-some years was tough, but so worth it. It's a wonderful feeling to lay down in my bed at night and not wheeze and cough. I've also adopted a new mindset when it comes to eating and toning my body. I'll go into that in depth in a later post, but within 10 weeks I have lost over 20 pounds and feel better than I have in many a year! New tricks are possible, even for us old dogs!

On the writing front things are busy as ever and I love every single minute of the chaos! Clean Sweep, the first Venom book released last Monday. I had a wonderful Facebook party to back up the books debut. I hope you made it but if you didn`t no worry, there will be more parties and books to come!

On the horizon, there are three new books debuting before 2015 ends. All you fans of Victor Kalinski will be happy to know that Game Misconduct will be coming out sometime in September or October. The pub who holds that contract doesn`t announce release dates until the book is deeper into edits/proofs, so I don`t know the exact date of release. As soon as I do I will certainly pass it along! 

Crashing the Crease, a gay hockey novella that will be part of the Seduced by the Game cancer charity collection hits the ice November 18. 100% of all proceeds will be donated to Hockey Fights Cancer. There will be at least seven authors participating with new releases in the collection planned to release every three weeks. It's going to be great fun with some truly fantastic reads by some of the top names in hockey romance, and it all goes to a great cause!

The third release before the end of the year is a May/December GFY (Gay for You) novella titled Life is a Stevie Wonder Song. This one is a standalone work and was one of my muse-inspired stories. Those are when my muse gets an idea and runs with it, blocking out any other storyline that may need work until she finishes her story. She works quickly too, let me tell you! She had this one completed in a little over two weeks.

Shutdown Pair, a gay hockey romance novella, is one of three novellas that I have been giving first round edits to before I submit them to my publishers. Crashing the Crease has been sent  to my editor. I've just completed cleaning up An Erie Garden Party and Shutdown Pair. The next Venom book, Twirly Girl, will be coming out in February 2016 if all goes according to Hoyle as my mother used to say. I'm currently about 1/5 of the way done with Tape to Tape, the third Venom novel.

Guess that's all the news that's fit to share. If anyone has any questions about any upcoming releases, backlist books, or anything in general feel free to ask away! I love to chat with my readers and friends so don`t be shy. Talk to you next month!

Skate hard and love deeply,


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