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Tuesday Tales - Pen

Hello! It`s time for Tuesday Tales.

Today we have another chapter for Wind in White Birch and our word prompt is "Pen". Don`t forget to visit the other talented Tuesday Tales authors. Thanks for stopping by!

          That talk came at night, after a fine dinner that we shared with Julia and the boys. It wasn`t anything fancy, just a meatloaf with mashed potatoes and green beans on the side, but it was filling and settled perfectly in my stomach. My nap after the horrific lake incident had restored me. I had just slid under the covers and nestled up beside Jonah, who was nude and warm. I had a flannel shirt of his and a thick pair of socks on. The room was lit only by the fire in the fireplace. His hand instantly crept under the back of my shirt.
            “No panties?” he asked, his head rolling to the left to find me admiring him. I waggled an eyebrow. He cupped and squeezed a buttock. That was pretty much all it took. A minute later, his flannel shirt was hanging over the log canopy and I was lying under him, urging him to taste my breasts. He feasted on me leisurely, enjoying my squirming gasps and weak pleas for more. When he slid over and into me I began to tremble, but not from the cold this time.
            We were perfectly paired; his needs and mine seeming to rise at the same rate until we both found our releases. Mine threw me into the cosmos and I dug and clawed at Jonah`s damp back to keep me tethered to this realm. I was engulfed with a wave of blackness as his hair covered my face and breasts. I laid a hand to the back of his head as he panted and groaned into my neck. His huge body convulsed time and again as I held him close.
            There was really no need to speak afterwards, not that we could have but soon enough the last fissures of pleasure elapsed. Jonah lay on his back, his long legs splayed and his right arm tucked under his head. I was using his left arm as a pillow while I traced his navel lazily. He has an outie in case you were wondering.
            “Are you any good at math?” he asked. My belly-button play ceased. I lifted my head up. He was waiting for a reply.
            “You want to talk about math now?”
            “Sort of,” he said candidly.
            “You men are the oddest creatures.” I laid my head back to his bicep with resignation. Math wasn`t what was on my mind I can tell you that much. “I`m pretty good with numbers,” I admitted, once more finding that perfect little navel of his with my fingertip. “I do the monthly books at the store. End of the year stuff goes to an accountant, of course. "
            “Good. How would you like to be my bookkeeper?”
            Once more, my hand stalled and my head came up. And, once more, he was staring at me waiting for a reply.
            “I`m sorry, but I think that dip in Lake Freeze-Your-Ass dulled my senses. Did you just ask me to be your bookkeeper?”
            He hit me with that smile. I nearly capitulated right then and there. Instead, I slapped my libido soundly and sat up, grabbing at the sheets and coverlet as they slid downward.
            “Yeah, I did. You look shocked.”
            “I am,” I confessed. “Do you know what that would entail? I didn't bring a pen and to be frank there are other things I would rather do this weekend."
            He nodded then reached up to lay his hand on the back of my neck. He pulled softly. I didn`t want to cuddle now so I pushed his hand away. I wanted to talk about this crazy idea he just threw at me.
            “I didn't mean this weekend, Dana. I know it would entail you quitting the bookstore, moving up here with Rhett, and living with me here at the lodge. Did I leave anything out?” He was so cocksure I wanted to tweak one of his dark nipples just to make him squeak. I should have but I didn`t.
            “You left out how his father is going to feel about me taking Rhett to another state.”
            His handsome face drew into a frown for a moment. “Yeah, I was trying to forget about Rhick. You have custody though, right? I mean, if you move he can`t really fight it, can he?”
            “He might, I don`t know. I never thought about moving away from Pittsburgh to be honest. I never had any reason to leave or anywhere that I would rather be,” I said, holding the covers over my breasts. Jonah sat up and turned to look me in the eye. I reached out to tuck a long, silken strand of hair behind his ear. A log shuffled in the fireplace. I smiled at the ever-present zephyrs that move over this hunting lodge.
            “So, do you have a reason now?” he asked just as I knew he would.
            “I love you,” I whispered. He leaned over to capture my mouth, his weight pushing me back into the mattress. He kissed me for hours it seemed. I kissed him for days. My fingers moved through his hair. His mouth moved over mine. His knee slid between my legs.
            “Move in with me, here,” he entreated, nipping at my bottom lip as he spoke.
            “Jonah,” I whispered, arching up to trap his erection between our stomachs, “I need time to think. I`ll need to talk it over with Rhick.”
            “Yeah, don`t say his name when I`m about to do this,” he huffed before he buried himself deeply inside me. I might have mumbled something in return but what I honestly couldn`t say. All further discussion of moving, ex-husbands, books, jobs, and children was put on the back burner until we got our fill of each other yet again.       

Copyright 2013 ©by V.L. Locey


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Iris Blobel said...

so glad you solved the mystery about his navel ... had me wondering for weeks ... LOL ... loved today's snippet and I REALLY hoping she says yes, but I have a feeling we will find out soon what the ex has to say about it :-)

Jillian said...

hahaha. Love it. All hot and bothered and then, boom! Be my bookkeeper. *Giggle*

Jean Joachim said...

Wow, so steamy, sexy, sweet, loving. Just adore this story and your writing.

V.L. Locey said...

Thanks for dropping by ladies!

I figured everyone wanted to know about Jonah's bellybutton. =)

Flossie Benton Rogers said...

Lovely, passionate snippet with him ending in telling her what is on his mind for the future. Great story! Jonah is fab.

V.L. Locey said...

Thank you so much, Flossie! That Jonah is darn fab, I agree.

morgan said...

You know how to write a hot scene, then turn it on its side. Well done.

V.L. Locey said...

Ha,ha! Thanks, Morgan!

Anonymous said...

Perfection...again. I love these two together. Steamy scene, with other tidbits thrown in to mix it all up.