Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday Ramblings- July Blog Letter

I thought I would do something new starting today. Since I don`t do a newsletter (when the heck would I have time?!) I thought I would start a monthly blog letter. This way my friends, fans, followers and family can catch up on what's what! So, with that in mind, let`s jump into things! 

Where the heck did June go? I swear I just blinked and an entire month passed by. I hope the summer is treating you well and that you're taking time to kick back and enjoy yourself. My hubby, daughter and I are heading to Niagara Falls at the end of the month for a day trip. We're all really looking forward to it as we don`t get much vacation time. Having farm animals that require daily upkeep means we can't go for extended trips. Which is okay since we do love our critters . . . although it sure would be nice to head to Greece for a week. *sighs dreamily* Are you heading anywhere this summer?

On the writing side it`s been wonderfully productive and exciting over the past few weeks. Long Change released on June 26. If you haven`t grabbed a copy I'll include buy links at the end of this post. I'm busily working away on An Erie Garden Party, the third Lake Erie shifter novella. It`s going really well. I love being able to slip into the mystical world of skunk shifters from time to time! I'm not sure what I'll start after I get Templeton`s next book done. Perhaps another Venom novel? Or another M/M romance. I had the best idea for one earlier today . . .

The cover reveal for Clean Sweep is scheduled for July 11th. I'm so excited to show you the amazing cover art for Jane and Tore's book! I hope you love it as much as I do. The first Venom book is slated to release on August 17th and I have some fun posts and excerpts planned to help lead up to the big day, so drop back often!

I'm thrilled to be able to pass along the news that I recently signed two contracts. One with Ellora`s Cave for the next novella for everyone`s favorite hockey playing jerk, Victor Kalinksi! Two Man Advantage 2 - Game Misconduct will pick up shortly after the first book finished. Fans of Dan and Vic will want to make sure they grab this second book as things are about to go all sorts of crazy for our two Cayuga Cougars!

The second contract was for a gay May-December romance that Torquere Press picked up. It`s called Life is a Stevie Wonder Song and it was one of those muse inspired stories that fly from your fingers. I think it took me two weeks to complete much like Two Man Advantage 2, which I completed in three weeks! When the muse is on a roll I try my best not to slow her down. I fear I would get steamrolled if I tried.

And we have no hockey. *heavy sigh filled with sadness* I've turned on a few baseball games but they just seem to be lacking something . . . like ice, skates, a puck, and body checks. NHL training camps cannot open soon enough for me. On the upside, my bestest buddy Michele and I have two games slated to attend in the fall. One in September to see the Pens play a preseason match-up in Johnstown, PA against Tampa Bay. And a run to New York to catch the Rangers play on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. COME ON ALREADY FALL! Sorry. That just slipped out.

Guess that`s all I have to pass along in this month`s blog letter. Please feel free to ask about any books you may have questions about, whether its release dates or just if a special-to-you series is in line to be written. I'm always happy to chat with folks about my books, chickens, hockey, or any other thing that tickles our fancies. Don`t be shy. I adore talking with my friends. Just ask my husband, he'll tell you about how I love to talk. ;)

Skate hard and love deeply,


Collegiate superstar goalie Boone Crockett seems to have the world at his feet. He’s rich, handsome, attends an elite college and is a hot prospect for the pros. Pity all that is a front for a deeply closeted and troubled young man.

All Boone’s life plans are shattered when flamboyant ex-figure skater Preston Gordon, an orange-haired twink, shows up to audition for the team’s mascot position wearing sequins, scarves and toe picks. His moves on the ice send Boone into his own pirouette of frustrated and reluctant desire.
As senior year progresses Boone slides deeper and deeper into a dangerous depression, Preston’s sensual strength the only thing he has to hold on to. If Boone can’t keep from plunging through the thin ice he’s skating on, it could take a twink to make the big save.

Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!
A Romantica® gay erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

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morgan said...

I feel the same way about June. We take mini vacation about 3-4 days because of elderly dog that goes into deep depression whenever I leave. He stays with the local dog whisperer, who's very good. Even he has doubts if Chance could handle a week. Just got back from San Francisco last week.

V.L. Locey said...

Aw, your old dog must just love you to bits to get so sad when you leave. Such a dear soul he must have. <3