Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Ramblings - It Was Time

Funny how we simply seem to know when it`s time for a new member of the family. It`s as if our heart has finally healed and we can once more dare to fill it back up.

That`s how it was for me at least. It took some real soul-searching and a ton of talking with the family to get me to the place I needed to be. Losing our two labs within a year of each other hit me incredibly hard. With Poe we knew her time was drawing near. She had been suffering with bad hips for quite some time. She was 12 and when hubby had to begin carrying her up and down the front steps so she could go potty we knew it was time to end her suffering.

With my black lab Trinity, the end came suddenly. One day she was fine and in good health, just 9 years old. Two weeks later we had to have her put to sleep. She had somehow damaged her neck and could not lift her head to eat or drink.

Losing her just about did me in. I swore from that day onward that there would be no more dogs. We still had Tinker, my father`s beagle. I vowed that he would be the last. And my heart was fully on-board with that dictate. It just seemed so much easier not to love an animal like that again. My heart simply could not take losing another dog. Yep, I hid behind the fear.

 As time passed, my family began asking about getting another dog. I refused. I battled. I railed. I got angry. I was not ready. I can see that now. Grief had me firmly in its grip. Time was the only thing that would help. 

Lo and behold, it did.  Finding one of Trinity`s toys under the bed a year after she left us made me see how much I missed having a dog. Yes, we had Tinker, but he was my father's dog. We did not go out and pick him. I hope that makes sense to others. We like Tinker a great deal, he`s a good dog, but he has never felt like he was our dog.

So I talked with Mister and Miss. We decided not to get another Lab. We could never replace Poe and Trinity and I feared it would be hard not to make comparisons. Mister has been wanting a coonhound for some time, so we agreed to try to find one. As luck would have it, about two months after I realized how much I wanted that new pup, a litter of Treeing Walker/Australian Shepherd puppies came to my attention.

Now we have Maisy. She`s four months old and she keeps us all on our toes! Yes she chews, nips, and occasionally has to take a time out in her crate for roughhousing with the cats. She also has filled that gaping hole in my heart that losing Trinity hollowed out. While I may wonder what I was thinking from time to time I have not felt this good in ages. Amazing what the love of a puppy can do.

Yeah, it was time.


S. J. Qualls said...

She is a pretty one, wise choice. Dog people need dogs as long as they can take care of them. It's a heart thing.

Anonymous said...

What a sweetie Maisie is! Your heart was waiting for her.

V.L. Locey said...

I agree ladies. It certainly is a heart thing. <3