Friday, June 12, 2015

Guess What`s In The Box eBook Giveaway!

Howdy folks! As many of you know, my family and I live on a small hobby farm. I am also a poultry addict. I love chickens, ducks, geese and just about any kind of farmyard bird that you can find. So, it should come as no surprise that I am now the proud owner of even more poultry! 

Since I love to have blog-exclusive giveaways and I love poultry, I thought it would be fun to combine those loves and have a "Guess What`s In The Box!" eBook giveaway! Starting today and running through Saturday, June 13th at midnight, you can make guesses as to what kind of birds are in this box--

Are there chickens, ducks, geese or guinea hens inside that box? Tell me your guess down in the comments section. I'll pick two random correct guesses on Sunday, June 14th, as the winners. Those two winners will each get a free Kindle version of my last Toms &Tabbies Tales M/M romantic-comedy, Early to Rise! 

Early to Rise - Amazon

There are few things worse than being left at the altar by the man you thought loved you. Just ask Simon Wilder. He knows all about it. He also knows a thing or two about getting fired. It's been a rotten week for Simon and making major life decisions during such turmoil may not be the wisest thing Simon has ever done. Or is it? 

Packing up his clothes, his collection of Tony Orlando CDs, and his cat, Sambuca, Simon leaves the hustle and bustle of Philadelphia behind and heads out to live on his Uncle Tiberius' farm in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Starting over on the farm where he vacationed once as a child is a going to be just what the doctor ordered, as long as that doctor is the good-looking large animal veterinarian, Gentry Martin. Is a sexy country vet the cure for a love-sick city boy?

So give me your best guess! Are they chickens, guinea hens, ducks or geese in that mystery box??

Make sure you include your contact information in case you win. If you don`t include your email address I cannot contact you and will have to choose another correct guess. So make sure you have that information along with your guess as to what kind of birds I've gone and gotten this time. I'll reveal the winners and what kind of new birds we have on the farmstead on Sunday, June 14th.

Best of luck everyone! 



Anonymous said...

Gotta be poltroons! 😉

Sula said...

Gosh it could be bantams, a partridge, pheasants, ducks, quail, turkeys, Guinea fowl, squab, white leghorns/Rhode Island Reds/chooks, a Muscovy duck, or maybe a mute swan, some peafowl, doves or perhaps the more exotic, emus, ostriches or rheas?

I hope among these are the types of birds in that box :) thank you for a chance to win a copy of Early to Rise <3 slholland22 {at} hotmail {dot} com

V.L. Locey said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting Anonymous and Sula! Good luck!