Saturday, May 30, 2015

What`s the Skinny, Minnie? Updates on Upcoming Releases

I received this lovely note on my blog the other day from a reader--

I really enjoyed "Two Man Advantage" and was wondering if you were planning on writing more hockey mm books or may be even a sequel? Either way thank you for a great read."

For those of you who may be wondering if I have any upcoming gay and/or straight hockey romances the answer is a big YES! Here is what is on the horizon for my hockey releases. We'll start with the M/M novellas--

Long Change is in edits with my publisher as we speak. Shutdown Pair is completed and will be getting a final round of edits from me before I send it to the publisher after Long Change releases.
A sequel for Victor and Dan titled Two Man Advantage 2- Game Misconduct is written and ready for first round edits!Fingers crossed that the publisher wants to give me a contract for it. I suspect these will not be the last gay hockey romances that I pen as I love writing these stories of men who live and love on the ice.

As for my straight hockey romances the release date for Clean Sweep, book #1 of The Venom series is August 17th. I am thrilled to be able to bring the women of The Philadelphia Venom to you! The second book of the series, Twirly Girl, is completed and will be submitted to the publisher after Clean Sweep has launched. I also have two M/F tales ready to be submitted for two different anthology/boxed sets, so keep an eye open for news about those and if the stories are accepted. *fingers crossed*

At the moment I am working on a gay romance that, amazingly enough, does not have anything to do with hockey. It`s a May-December story that is making my muse most happy. We were supposed to be working on something else but, as usual, she won and we started this new tale. Darn muse always wins. You think I would know that by now, huh? 

If anyone has any questions about any of my upcoming releases, be they straight or gay, feel free to ask. Nothing makes an authors day like readers who let us know they're anxious for more books! heart emoticon


Anonymous said...

Can not wait for "Two Man Advantage 2- Game Misconduct"! *crosses everything*

V.L. Locey said...

Keep a close eye on a new "blog letter" feature starting in July. There will be news about Victor and Dan as well as my other books! =)