Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday Ramblings: Sometimes I Lead, Sometimes I Follow

I suspect some of you may think this post is about dancing. It`s not although I do enjoy a good spin or two on the dance floor. Nope, this post is about how, every once in a great while, a character in a book will lead you to new places.

This happened to me recently. Now bear with me as I tell this tale because I'm going to be dancing (there is that word again) around a book that is written but not published yet. I do not want to spoil anything nor do I want to give some unscrupulous person a possible in for plagiarizing my work. Call me paranoid but I have seen it all over the past few years, trust me. So we will be vaguely touching on things in this future book and I hope that doesn`t make anyone reading too angry. An author just can`t be too careful anymore.

I can tell you that this book is the second novel in my upcoming Venom Series. It has a unique and compelling leading man, one who, as I started to write and get to know him better, I found myself wildly attracted to him, and his message. Crushing on my leading men is nothing unusual for me, rest assured. I am crazy over every one of them; yes even Victor Kalinski, that big jerk.

While I sighed and swooned over this fascinating man, he began to lead me into a rather spiritual place. Note that I use the word spiritual as opposed to religious. I do not do organized religion. I do like to think that I am a spiritual being. I am open to many new philosophies and ideals. As I wrote and fleshed him out, he began to lead me, slowly and gently yes, but leading the way he most certainly did. This man is a deeply spiritual man as well. He has traveled many a hard road to arrive at his inner peace. He, this fictional man, is quite a warm soul. He is gentle, kind, strong, a little stubborn, creative and quick to love deeply.

As I did more and more research into different prophets and/or shamans, I found one name popping up repeatedly. This name, and the ideology that this man spoke of, seemed to make incredible sense to me. My leading man certainly liked what was being said.  I dug a bit more. I discovered who Don Miguel Ruiz is and what he tells us. I bought his book. I read it. It has opened my eyes in many ways. 

Did it convert me? No. I am still the same person I was before I read The Four Agreements; I am just a less stressed person. Will Toltec shamanism help you gain a better understanding of the events and people in your life? Maybe. Maybe not. I know it has helped me find some inner peace. And I have this wonderfully complex and loving fictional leading man to thank.

 It really is amazing where your characters can lead you if you simply listen to them. 


Angie Malone said...

I am a spiritual being as well. I enjoyed The Four Agreements. I really like that to hear that your characters lead you to new discoveries!

V.L. Locey said...

Hi Angie and thanks for stopping by and commenting. Yes, The Four Agreements have helped me deal with a few big bumps in the road of life lately. It`s great fun to have such helpful characters! =)