Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Ramblings - Chore Time!

Yep, it`s chore time! Get your old jeans on, your Muck boots and a good pair of gloves and join me as I share morning chores on the Hillside Farm.

I have a set pattern and generally don`t deviate from it. Just call me Monk! I go left to right with the rows of coops starting with the ducks. The quackers get a serving of whole corn every morning. I also fill up a large sled/pool that they share with the geese daily.

Then we let the geese out of their coop and give them some corn as well. All birds are shut in at night to help protect them from predators. I have lost a few birds to nighttime marauders, but the biggest killer of my fowl are red-tailed hawks. *shakes fist at hawks*

Onward to the chicken coop! The chooks are released to scratch and dig. I usually toss them some corn and any scraps from the kitchen. They LOVE cantaloupe rinds and seeds.

Last but not least are the rabbits! I water, fill food dishes and hay mangers for the bunnies. Look how the baby bunnies have grown! 

And that wraps up my morning routine in fair weather and foul. We're weaning our last Jersey calf, Bruce, so I don`t have to bottle feed him now. I'm not complaining either! It`s a lot of work having a small farm but we just love it. I hope you enjoyed doing chores with me!

If there is anything about hobby farming that you would like to see, just leave me a note down in the comments section.


Phyllis Oller said...

loved seeing your critters,phyllis

V.L. Locey said...

Thanks Phyllis!

morgan said...

My goodness, what fun it must be having all those creatures. Ducks are my favorite. :) I did grow up on a farm, so it isn't a city girl romanticizing the barnyard animals.