Friday, May 1, 2015

May Is Mythology Month!

And I for one could not be happier. For those of you who have followed this blog, and my writing, for some time you know my love for Greek gods & goddesses.

Greek mythology has always been a deep love of mine. When other kids were falling asleep during our lectures on the Greek pantheon, I was the lone student enraptured with tales of Zeus, Hades, Hera, and all the other wonderful gods upon Olympus.

I am thrilled to release two brand new Greek flavored works this month!

Today Of Titans & Tractors releases! Finally, the last book in my Gods & Goats trilogy is available for purchase only at Smashwords:

Back Cover Blurb:

Just in case anyone is wondering, there are no major bus routes in ancient Greece.

What you will find are denizens of the underworld running amok. And of course you`ll find me, Libby Simons, with my faithful companion, George the Minotaur. What are we doing in ancient Greece instead of on my little slice of rural bliss in the mountains of Pennsylvania?

Well, it all started with Ares, the god of my dreams, falling from Olympus with Hades` Helm of Darkness. One thing led to another, Ares and I fell in love, Hades overthrew the Greek pantheon after reassembling Kronos` Epoch Armor, and I ended up stuck back in the old days when the height of fashion was a new chiton and some snappy leather sandals.

Now that Hades has taken over, the world is slipping into a dark place. It`s up to a certain ginger goatherder (that would be me), her right-hand bull, George, a flight-challenged owl named Einstein, and the goddess of the harvest to gather up an army to free the Greek gods from the bowels of Tartarus. It`ll take the combined forces of gods, demigods, heroes, Titans, and a spunky soap-making woman to save the world.


And for more Greek goodness, you can find my new short story, Back to the Garden, in the Mythologically Torqued anthology from Torquere Press. Release day is 5/13/15 but you can preorder your copy of this huge collection of mythological tales now:

Back to the Garden Blurb- It`s true: Pan, the Greek god of shepherds and mountain wilds, has a reputation. But even a well-known, randy goat-of-a-guy begins to pine for something more over time. So Pan travels to earth for the first time in centuries with Apollo to partake in the Woodstock Music Festival.

Amid hippies, food shortages, psychedelic experiences and mud, the god of nature seeks a human to love. Can Pan find that one, special someone among the thousands that are celebrating on Max Yasgur`s farm, or will he return to Olympus with naught but his pipes and muddy hooves?

Anthology Blurb- Torquere's largest anthology to date features a total of 15 authors please to bring you 15 unique tales from when gods and goddesses ruled the world. This collection features both m/m and f/f content for your reading pleasure. Dare you enter this realm of Mythologically Torqued fantasy? Be on the lookout for Volume 2 summer 2015. 

Mythology, whether classic or modern, has always taken readers on a magical ride. Mythologically Torqued, volume I, takes those tales from days of old, or more recent history, and places a unique spin on the beloved lore. 

The gods of Olympus make appearances, as do deities from Japanese, Norse, and other belief systems. With rampant sexual desires, these gods manage to slake their thirst for passions of the flesh in a rather untraditional manner…if the oral traditions passed down from generation-to-generation were at all accurate. 

These fifteen short stories are penned by both seasoned scribes and new authors; the anthology provides readers with the perfect opportunity to explore offerings from their favorite storytellers as well as find a new favorite or two. And, a unique perspective on the stories we enjoyed—or were forced down our throats at the hands of a sadistic English teacher or two—in our youth. 
Containing both M/M and F/F stories from authors Alisha Monroe, Alyx Shaw, Angelique Voisen, Carol Tierney, Delilah Storm, Eva Lefoy, Jacey Mills, L.J. Hamlin, Leah Ellwood, Logan Zachary, Max Wilde, Salome Wilde, Shiloh Saddler, T. Strange, and V.L. Locey, Mythologically Torqued volume I is sure to have something for every penchant. 

Look for Mythologically Torqued volume II coming August 2015. 


Cathy Brockman said...

Youve been hold back I didnt know sbout Pans story.. I can't wait for Libbey

V.L. Locey said...

I'm just full of surprises, Cat! =D