Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday Author/Book Spotlight: Davee Jones

How long have you been writing and who influenced you?

I've been writing stories, plays, songs, you name it since I was in Kindergarten. In 6th grade, a teacher assigned myself and a fellow student to write lyrics for a musical play. We completely wrote the lyrics for a 4-H play and our group won 1st place. I still remember some of it..."I'm dreaming of a thick T-bone..." to the tune of White Christmas. We presented a play on dental hygiene, was a hoot. I wrote poetry, journaled, and couldn't say enough to remove myself from reality. My influence was the unhappiness around me growing up. I suppose I didn't learn to enjoy life until my mid-30's. I began writing romance because I seemed doomed to only find it in my mind.

Where is your favorite place to write? 

I have a laptop I take almost everywhere. I love to write in front of a huge picture window with the snow falling. Recently, we converted our front room to a library/office. I have bird feeders, birdhouses, you name it out in front of me in the yard. I love to watch them dart and fly freely while I remove the restrictive bands of reality and allow my imagination to bloom onto the pages.

Is writing your full time occupation?

No and I wish it could be. However, I'm a civil servant to pay the bills. I write in any moments I can eek out peace and quiet. I have intense dreams and nightmares that make up my suspense genre lines, I always look for a muse or plot line ready to hatch.

From the novels you have written who is you favorite character? 

My favorite character is Marty McDonald. he deserves a break

Any WIP you can share with us? 

Yes, I have about twenty swirling in my brain- I keep a notebook with my ideas and titles. Currently, book four of the Fantasy Leagues, Steal My Heart, is going well. I start with a banging sex scene- maybe that'll wake up the reader. lol I'm also writing a book for my publisher as part of a ten book series, my contribution is entitled Heart Nectar.

As my alter ego, I have book four of my Critter Gettter series underway.


Davee Jones –What is the first book that you published? My first book published was, ironically, not the first book I wrote. On Ellicott Street – a feisty, loving, cougar romance novella- holds the honor of being my first published book. Finless, released second, was the result of years of blood, sweat, and tears. It’s a dark dance balancing between love, desire, and anger. I have 12 total releases so far between my adult moniker and my YA moniker, Allee Mae.

My ideal reader allows me to take them to the edge of sanity, push limits, and support a sometimes simple protagonist just trying to get by in life. I have the same type characters in my explicit writing as well as my sweet or YA books-they just don’t use the “F” word or engage in overt sexuality. It doesn’t always take erotic descriptors of body parts/functions to get a point across. But, I will bring out the sexy when a mature story requires it. (wink)

My newest series takes a twist on fantasy football and dating clubs. Split the Uprights is book one of the Fantasy League series. Books two and three are also available- A Game of Inches and Personal Fouls


What happens when you mix men and women in a fantasy football league? Lots of sexy competition and instant rivalries. Owner of Fantasy Leagues, Lola Fontaine, maintains two identities, one as loving matchmaker and the other as ball busting Dominatrix. In the LockHim Room, her muscle toned guys never know what to expect. With reclusive statistician, Eugene Carlton, they believe they have the perfect formula for romance. All their success takes a place on the Wall of Flame. But, do they really know anything about true love connections? She takes awkward Danika Parker under her wing and teaches her everything she doesn't know about love. However, in the process, they establish risky boundaries, pushing the envelope normally established for just friends. Danika takes an interest in fellow participant, Finn Maxwell, the man still searching for a plan. Unfortunately for Lola, time is running out on secrets from her past. Living on borrowed time will catch up with her in a way she least expected. She will hurt the ones she loves, no matter how she tries. But, will they ever forgive? Will Lola get more than she counted on? Learn about grilled lemonade, love jam, fantasy football, and safe words all wrapped into the fun of Split the Uprights.

Quote From Book:

“I realize you live in a world of certain parameters, so to speak. It’s like always eating cake without frosting. One day you try frosting and cake eating arrives to a whole new level of fabulous. Maybe you should add some icing, Eugene.” – Lola Fontaine

I have adult content available as: Davee Jones began a career in the counseling field with her M.Ed. She then diversified and began work for the federal government.

Find me on Goodreads and my book titles are available in the following locations:

Author Bio: For my sweet side as Allee Mae- with my 13 y/o daughter, we combine to create fictional worlds with something for everyone. Whether exploring urban legends, the eerie paranormal, first loves, sweet romance, scary dreams, we take you away from the everyday. Sweet Cravings Allee Mae @alleemaeauthor

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