Sunday, February 1, 2015

Realism in Romance

Sometimes you read things that just twist your knickers. All you kind folk who visit me here know that, overall, I tend to be rather easy to get along with. I don`t fly off in rages and/or rants often However, every once in a great while, something pops up that irks me. This article, which has been floating around for a couple months in my Facebook writing and author groups, has vexed me.

Let me explain where I come from as an erotic romance author and reader. I don`t think those tropes need to die. I like those tropes. When I sit down to read, or write, I want fiction. I want hot, sweaty, so-amazing-the-stars-weep sex in my romance books. If I wanted cold facts and realism, I'd go read the instruction manual for my printer. 

Now I am not saying that romance novels should not be factual. Hera knows that I spend hours sometimes reading over boring NHL rules, or flipping through tomes written by dead Greek poets, to ensure that my facts are straight. But we're not talking about by-laws or epic sonnets, we're talking about sex. 

As a reader and writer of erotic fiction I really do want a man who is hung like a Russian racehorse, who knows how to touch, lick, fondle, and caress a woman`s body, who does not fart under the covers, roll off of me and fall instantly asleep, or insist on leaving ESPN on while receiving fellatio. We live with reality all day long. When I curl up with a book, or place my rump down to write, I want to escape the bills, barking dogs, cruel neighbors, mean in-laws, whining kids, rotten boss, cats horking up hairballs, and complaining husbands. 

Whisk me away to a romantic locale. Deliver me into the arms of a man wide of shoulders and lean of waist who is always ready to rock my world. Give me a hot goalie with a thick accent and a need to ensure I am always pleased first. Fill my ears with words of passion whispered in a thick Scandinavian accent. Show me a man that makes my sex clench, my stomach flutter, my pulse quicken and my . . .

Excuse me while I step out into the snow to look at cows for just a moment.

Okay. I'm back in control. That is what I want from my erotic fiction. Maybe it`s just me. Maybe some people really do want reality in their sex scenes. What do you want from your romance novels?


Allie Kincheloe said...

Isn't the point of a romance novel to escape? I think the fantasy of it all is what makes it fun. To dream of that ideal man... And if you are going to dream, why not dream big?

I could do with or without the heavy accent though ;)

Great article. Shared for you.

V.L. Locey said...

Thanks for sharing Allie. And yes, the point of a romance novel is to escape. At least I think so!

Accents for leading men are optional. ;)

Cathy Brockman said...

I like having tropes myself. some i dont care for too much but some i love. I also think that romance is to escape for te relaity thoughi don t like it farfetched.. and by the way my hubby has washed my hair ( one of the tropes they say nevr happens)

Jennifer Lazaris said...

I agree with you 100% You hit the nail on the head.
For me, personally, I want an escape. If I'm going to indulge hours in reading fiction, I want it to be the equivalent of a hot fudge sundae. Not whatever is on the diet menu! Bring on the indulgence.