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Jane Leopold Quinn`s The Long Road to You

The Long Road To You
The Brothers Agee - Nick
by Jane Leopold Quinn

My two historical western releases are my homage to the western. Their inspiration came from my love of the TV western, The Big Valley. I was/am a Nick Barkley fan. For a while I monitored a fan fiction site relating to this show. Heath was the big favorite, Jarrod fans were strong, but Nick fans were loyal. That black clothing and especially the omnipresent black gloves were somehow sexy. In Nick's case, a black Stetson didn't make him the bad guy.

My first manuscript written was The Long Road to You, and it starred a hero named Nick. Around the same time, I was listening to an Andrea Bocelli CD, Sogno, and in particular the song, 'O Mare e Tu. Its haunting minor chords, the Spanish/Arabic/Gypsy sounds  put me in mind of the Flamenco. A young Anglo woman became my heroine, and she became the Flamenco dancer. You'd think a Mexican or Spanish woman would be the dancer, but I turned it around so the properly brought up and schooled American girl fell in love with the Flamenco, tried to break her bonds of propriety, and flee to escape the threat of an arranged marriage. This book became Jake and Ivy, the first in The Brothers Agee series.

Both heroes Jake and Nick were inspired, in part, by an incident in my husband's youth. The brothers were raised in an orphanage. Nick left when Jake was ten years old, and they rediscovered each other in Jake and Ivy. My heart ached for the young orphan boys.

After Jake and Ivy's happily ever after, Nick realized that he yearned to quit roaming, settle down, and find his own home. His visit to Jake's ranch brings along the discovery of the neighboring ranch owner, Margee McPherson. Margee's feistiness, independence, and beauty make Nick think of the life he needs now and how long the road has been to this place and time.


Nick Gabriel, orphan, outlaw, reformed man, yearns for what his brother Jake has—land, a home, and best of all, a loving wife. Nick pulls a woman off a rearing horse, slamming her sexy, lithe body against his, the impetuous action setting him up to lose his heart.

Margee McPherson's whole world revolves around running the ranch her father left her and handling the creepy ranch foreman she also inherited. Years before, she'd made a mistake that ended tragically. Now, she won't allow the drifter cowboy, Nick Gabriel, to get anywhere near her no matter how tall, dark, and handsome he is, and how much she longs to be in his arms.

Both have secrets in their pasts. Will Margee's fear and guilt keep her from moving forward with her life? Nick's fallen in love with the beautiful rancher. Can he prove to her his roaming days are over? And will they survive their past secrets, finding the love they didn't know they craved?


Nick took his turn with the canteen, probably to give himself some space. She watched as avidly as he'd watched her. His lips closed around the top making her remember the feel of them on hers. When he lowered his head, their eyes met as he studied her. They were alone in the shade of a small indentation in the rock formation. There were no sounds, no breath of air, just the two of them. Dan was well out of sight. She struggled against her feelings, her desire. He was still a stranger. She knew Jake and Ivy, but that didn't mean she knew the brother, the man with a different last name.

Absently, he screwed the top back on the canteen and hooked the strap over his gun butt. Looking briefly away, as if for a reprieve, he must have realized he had to come clean. "Margee…all right, I'll tell you." But instead, he grabbed her, whipping her around, wrapping an arm around her waist. "He held her in front of him. Like this."

She glanced down. His muscled arm bound her waist. His chest and thighs pressed against her back. He was hard. Everywhere. Biting her lip to keep from crying out, hardly able to take a breath, her eyes flew wide open when he rocked his hips against her bottom.

His head dipped until his lips touched her ear. "Does this make you fear me, Margee?"

She shuddered. His warm breath flowed over her neck, her fingers clenched in his shirt sleeve.

"If he would use a woman like that, he'd do anything," Nick murmured.

Moist firm lips. She felt them brush her neck. His arm slid upward just under her breasts. His other hand closed over her shoulder. He—his hands—were so large. He staggered her, disturbed her, swamped her feelings. Even demonstrating what evil her foreman had done, she felt completely safe in Nick's arms.

No! Not safe. He could hurt her much more than physically. "Nick," she whispered.

"He squeezed and yanked her." He tightened his grip.

"Rose?" she eked out, hardly breathing.


His thumb roamed up the side of her breast and brushed over its tip.

She pressed her eyes shut, suspended in the prison of his arms. "And then?"

"He was going to take her upstairs. To the—you know—to the bedrooms."

The rumble of that low, sensual voice aroused her. Shockingly, he was turning a dangerous situation into seduction.

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