Monday, February 16, 2015

An Erie Exclusive!

Only two more days until Templeton and Mikel`s novella hits the world! To help celebrate I thought I`d share a snippet from An Erie Operetta. I hope you enjoy this look into the new book and will pick up a copy on Wednesday, or you can preorder a copy now from Amazon or the Torquere Press Store. You can find buy links after the excerpt.

If you enjoy reading Temp`s latest adventure, please consider leaving a review for it on Amazon and/or Goodreads. Nothing inspires an author to keep writing like a few kinds words in a book review.

Enjoy the excerpt!

Yes, I am well aware of what shouting "FIRE!" in a crowded theater will do. I admit I acted in fear. Truly, the panic that erupted after I shouted "ROGUE KILL!" wasn't even in my realm of belief. The opera house became a testament to unholy terror. You could smell the horror on the air. Magical folk freaked the hell out. Granted, with all the murders of late, freaking out was a justifiable response. But was hauling me down to the ground floor by my neck really needed? I gave Mikel a sour glower when I was finally released within ten feet of the corpse. I covered my nose quickly, but oddly enough, the husk of a body gave off no odor.

"Have you lost all common sense, Templeton?" Mikel growled at me. Thank goodness a large portion of the orchestra chipped in to help with crowd control. Now the only people who remained inside the opera house were the cast, musicians, and the Lake Erie pack. And one skunk shifter, of course. "If you ever do such a foolish thing again I will place you over my knee and paddle you soundly."

It was on the tip of my tongue to ask him if he thought that would really be a punishment, but there were others nearby, so I just tried to look as contrite as a meager office worker could look.

"Edward, take my cell phone. See if you can find a signal. I don't care if you have to go to the roof, just find a bar then call the head of the elder counsel to inform them that... what is it now, Templeton?!"

I lowered my poking finger. Gracious, someone was a putrid puppy all of a sudden.

"The body doesn't stink," I pointed out. Mikel looked at me as if I had spoken Martian. I folded my arms over my chest. "The dead body. It doesn't smell bad. Isn't that abnormal?"

Mikel looked around me to the body then pinned Edward with blistering golden eyes. "Edward, stop ogling the soprano and do as I told you."

"Yeah, sure, right away," Eddie replied. He went, but it was not without countless looks of longing over his wide shoulder at Ms. Panagakos as she hummed an aria while fanning herself. I stepped to the side to allow the senior agent of the OTTER tracking department to do his thing. Mikel kneeled down beside the cadaver and rolled it over. I grimaced at the dried up shell of a being.

"It has no smell," Mikel said. I rolled my eyes to the domed ceiling. "It's a fresh kill, not even cold yet."

I stopped being a wiseass. My gaze flew to Mikel. He had his hand shoved into the shirt of the dead man.

"That can't be right," I said. "I mean, surely a rogue killed him weeks ago. Look at how sunken in he is."

"He's been drained," Mikel announced as he stood up. Dave padded back and forth anxiously, casting bizarre looks at the cast waiting on stage. That announcement made us all inhale in alarm. "No, not drained of blood. . . at least, I don't think that's the case. I saw or smelled no vampiric signs."

A collective exhalation of relief escaped us all. If there is one group that is feared above even the lycans, it is the vampires. Yes, wolves can rip out your innards then use them for streamers but they cannot control your mind. That is one of the greatest fears all mystical folk have, and none more so than the werewolves. The history of vampire and lycan is a terribly bloody one. Werewolves cannot abide being made into pets. Vampires take great joy in making lycans jump through hoops and fetch sticks. The two races are notorious for the steeping hatred they carry for each other.

So imagine the look on Mikel's handsome face when one of those most hated of creatures arrived on a cold blast of winter air. The sleek bat soared over our heads, then transformed into one of the most bewitching men I had ever seen. Tall, elegant, raven hair cut rather modernly -- "emo" as the kids would say -- with eyes as blue as a mountain stream, the undead one looked us all over as if we were nothing more than slugs and he a shaker of salt. The vampire reached up to lift a shock of silken black hair from his brow. There, resting on his forehead, was a glowing gem of pure light set in a platinum band pressing tightly against his high brow.

"As you can see, I am a prisoner of the elder counsel, given to wearing a band of illumination." His voice was seduction and smoke. "My name is Vincente Elysian, and I am a member of the Nosferarti." 


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