Saturday, January 3, 2015

Top 5 Classic Movie Leading Men

Who among us doesn`t love those classic movie star leading men? While the new batch of Hollywood hunks are quite eye-catching, there is just something about the old stars. What that special something is I cannot say, but I'm never happier than when I'm plunked down in front of a classic film starring one of these fantastic men. This is my top five. I would love to hear yours! Which classic leading men make your heart beat a little faster?


1-Humphrey Bogart

Bogie just sends me even though he isn`t one of those perfectly chiseled leading men. I think it`s his voice and the way he carries himself. He oozed gruff masculinity that I still find incredibly sensual. While there may be handsomer men on my list, Bogie gets top honors as my #1 classic leading man.

2-Clark Gable

From It Happened One Night to Gone with the Wind, Clark Gable set the bar for romance heroes in my mind. Those eyes . . . that mouth . . . the mustache *fans face* A woman did not stand a chance.

3-Sidney Poitier

They call Mr. Poitier an icon for a reason. All you have to do is watch just one of his movies and you can see why he is on this list. His wit, good looks, talent, charm, and bearing shine through every role he plays.

4-Spencer Tracy

Spencer is another leading man who may not have been the prettiest belle at the ball, but that didn`t matter, at least not to me. He had this incredibly sexy self-confident way. And once he began to speak, well, who needs a face like Rock Hudson when Spencer Tracy is acting?

5-Cary Grant

What can I say? Just look at that face. Now close your eyes and let the memories of that voice of Cary`s wash over your senses. *sighs dreamily* They didn`t make too many men easier on the eyes, either in his day or in the years to come.


So, what did you think of my list? If you agree or disagree let me know. Share your picks for your top 5 classic leading men with us!


Cindy Bartolotta said...

I agree with your choices, but I suggest adding a back-up 5. Add Ricardo Montalban and Stewart Granger. I'll leave the other spots open for others.

Tabitha Shay said...

Leading men from an era long gone...what a wonderful subject and some of the best actors that ever came out of Hollywood. I didn't take time to search out pictures, but here's my list of favorites.
1--Clark Gable always pops into mind for the number 1 slot. It's hard to think of any other actor playing the part of Captain Rhett. He is Rhett!
2--Tyrone Power. Yep, my heart beats a little faster when this dark haired, dark eyed man lights up the screen
3--Alan Ladd. Like Bogart, he had a certain rough appeal when it came to way he talked to
4--Bela Lugosi. Now anyone who knows me knows I'd have to include an actor who played a vampire and did a right fine job of it. There was just something about those yes, those fangs, that mad a woman's heart beat with
5--James Stewart. There's just something about Jimmy's voice that reached out and grabbed a woman by the heartstrings. When he was upset on the screen, so was every woman in the theater.
Well that's some of my favorite and the five at the top of my list...for now.

Flossie Benton Rogers said...

I like all on your list, especially Bogie, Gable, and Poitier. Gable was my mother's favorite, along with cowboy Johnny Mack Brown. Others that comes to mind for my list are Charlton Heston, Richard Burton, Laurence Olivier,and Kirk Douglas.

Angie Malone said...

I love the classic movies also! My top leading men are Cary Grant, Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra & Fred Astaire. I love musicals!

V.L. Locey said...

Oh my, such great actors are being named! Thanks for all the great comments everyone.

Cathy Brockman said...

Cary Grant.. Chuck Conner..Rock Hudson. SIDNEY POINTIER. Clint Eastwood though I like your list as well too many to only pick 5

Layna Pimentel said...

I'm agreeing everyone's selections here. I love Gable and Sinatra, but Christopher Plummer was pretty handsome in his day too. :)

V.L. Locey said...

Thanks for dropping by Cathy and Layna! There are so many choices it`s hard to pick just five.