Monday, January 26, 2015

Sneak Peek At My WIP!

I thought it was time to share a wee snippet from my current project. It`s an M/M mythological short for a submission call. The working title is Back to the Garden, and since I'm kind of digging on that title, it might stay the same. This is really rough, so if you find any mistakes, just pretend they don`t exist.

Just as a reminder, this snippet may contain bad words and man love. If this sort of thing bunches your bustle, feel free to move along. I will not be offended.

I shielded my eyes until the chariot was past, for looking into the eyes of the sun would blind even me. Once the chariot had rumbled to a stop, I ran over to join the sun god. Apollo leaped from the chariot, cast the reins aside, and jogged off. I gave the fire steeds a wide berth as I pursued the sun god. Most generally, I move in synchronicity with the beasts of farm and field, but those fire stallions are near as wild as Ares` warhorses. Getting my buttocks singed once by them was enough. It took nearly a fortnight for the hair on my tail to grow back.

"My lord Apollo, what causes you such haste this day?" I asked as I ran along beside him. He glanced down at me, his handsome face breaking into a joyous smile. 'Twas a fine sight. The sun god was a glorious male with stunning features, golden hair, and a form strong and lean.

"Ah, Pan, I am journeying to earth to join in a most amazing festival," he told me then, with a snap of his godly fingers, made a colorful scroll of parchment appear. "Look well upon this announcement, God of Shepherds." I took the scroll and unrolled it. My eyes went wide. Upon the paper was the image of a hand holding the neck of a stringed instrument, upon which sat a white dove. Many other words in a language not Greek filled the paper.

"I cannot read this, my lord. What does it say?" I asked as I handed back the scroll.

"Truly you must come to earth more often, King of the Satyrs," Apollo laughed. The wind tugged at his long hair. "That language is called English. `Tis a vexing language, true, but once one knows the basics `tis easy enough to decipher."

"Aye well, those upon earth would not favor seeing me as they do you, my lord," I muttered and glanced down at my goat-like lower extremities. Apollo patted my shoulder.

"Surely you do not think that we visit the mortals in our godly forms, do you?" he asked. I raised my sight from my hooves to look upon him. "We all disguise ourselves lest the mortals grow freaked out."

"Freaked out, my uncle?"

"Aye, `tis a saying I heard upon earth. Come with me to this festival, Pan. It claims to be an 'Aquarian Exposition' with three days of peace and music. I do so enjoy music!"

"I take it Lord Ares is not attending," I commented to the side. Apollo chuckled then threw the scroll into the air, where Zephyrus caught it and carried it back to Apollo`s temple on the hill.

"Nay, Pan, Ares is not attending. He is far too engrossed with the war that is taking place in the land known as Vietnam. Perchance we can lure Aphrodite to join us. She has been spending a great deal of time among the mortals trying to counter Ares` warmongering by spreading the ideal of loving all humanity."

"I wager that will not go well for the goddess of love," I sighed, my gaze on that mortal announcement growing smaller and smaller as it rode the wind.

"Nay, my nephew, her message is not heard over the battle cries of those in power most generally."

The sadness in my breast grew larger. I glanced from the paper to the brother of my father, Hermes, and smiled feebly up at him.

"I have never attempted to be but what I am," I professed. 

Apollo stepped back, his green cape flowing around his powerful legs, and studied me intently, his finger tapping the cleft in his chin.

"We shall find you a fitting guise, do not worry, Pan."

His smile should have alleviated my concern, but it did not. 

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Flossie Benton Rogers said...

Great snippet and title. Love Apollo.