Saturday, January 17, 2015

Couch Battles

I am beginning to think that Sheldon Cooper is channeling his sofa fixation into my pets. I'm quite serious. Tinker and Lucius are waging war over the right-hand end of the couch. It`s an ongoing scrimmage but we'll start in the evening, since that's when things really heat up.

Lucius likes to spend a few hours outside, doing highly secretive ninja-type mancat things. When he comes in to grab a nap he insists on having a tent made. Oh yes, and it must be draped over the couch in a certain manner or he cannot use it. My family has spoiled the cat terribly. Yes, it was my family that spoiled him not me. *whistles innocently*

Once all is perfect, Master Lucius enters his tent, curls up, and snoozes for twenty or so hours unless a certain canine comes along. Tinker also has a fixation about that end of the couch and that certain blanket. The dog gets highly disgruntled if he jumps onto the sofa and finds the tent erected. Tinker will lie down beside the blanket tent, glower at all who passes by, and then, when Lucius emerges for a drink Tinker will leap on the tent and dig it into a nest. By the time Lucius returns he not only finds his tent destroyed, but there is a dog lying on his tent stinking up the right-hand end of the sofa.

So it goes day in and day out. Human makes tent to placate cat, dog tears tent down and sleeps on it to spite cat. We have tried making the tent on the left-side end, but that is a no go. We have also offered Tinker different blankets to curl up on across from Lucius and his tent. Nope. It`s either that end of the couch or nothing! I don`t think a human backside has been seated on that end of the sofa since we got it.

Hmm, maybe one of them has placed eternal dibs on that spot. I'll have to ask. 


Cathy Brockman said...

LOl we have a similar situation but its pillows. Molly has a special pillow on the couch and one in the floor when she isnt on one Chloe takes it over Kitness could care less he likes the windo seat and Molly cant get up there.

S. J. Qualls said...

It's like that during the day with Jill's bed. Jack will get on and take possession. As soon as he gets off, she'll get on and won't move unless she hears food being served.

Sorry you don't have the use of your couch. Animals, can't live without them.

V.L. Locey said...

These animals sure do keep us on our toes! =D