Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Chenille

Have you ever been out shopping for holiday gifts and found something that you just had to have for yourself? I did and boy does it feel good! Naughty for sure, but good all the same. I have been looking for a new bedspread for I do not know how long, ages at least. It must be that I am crazy fussy about what I sleep under because nothing anywhere had suited. I don`t like comforters because they are too hot. Generally, I end up with just a sheet covering me winter and summer. Menopause does some strange things to a body I can tell you that.

It seems Wal-Mart only has heavy comforters or blankets with the cast of Frozen on them. As I searched and searched, the lightweight blanket on the bed became less and less desirable and my hubby began complaining about frozen toes and a frosty nose.

Thankfully, I found the bedspread I had been looking for forever. You can`t imagine how excited I was to find this chenille bedspread at our local department store for half price! I have loved chenille bedspreads since I was a little girl. My grandmother had them on every bed in her house and I always adored sleeping under them. They`re the perfect weight, I think. Not too heavy and not too light. Looks like a few other household members think that chenille is mighty comfortable as well. 

Hubby still comes to bed dressed for a night in Antarctica but I haven`t heard any complaints about chilly toes since the chenille hit the bed. 

What do you like to sleep under?


Cathy Brockman said...

You deserve a treat! Ive been looking for a pretty Cheille one as well for summer. My older comforters have about came apart whiel we were in cape last month sears had this beauitiful fake fur soft spread I felle in love with. I got it with some fancy throw pillows and readgn chair that wound up in my bay window lol. enjoy that bedspread

S. J. Qualls said...

My ex-MIL loved these things. It's nice that you found what you wanted. (...and at a discounted price!)

V.L. Locey said...

Chenille seemed to be quite popular back in the day. Got to love stumbling into a sale!