Monday, December 22, 2014


How many of my readers love comic books? I know I sure do. I also adore M/M romance. Now toss in a wee bit of Dom/Sub to the man love/comic book goodness and you have Bound, Boarded, and Bagged! Did I mention there was an evil villain in spandex and an attempted rare comic theft at a comic convention? Hold onto your cowls true believers!

BB&B releases 1/15 but is available for preorder now at Amazon. 

Bound, Boarded, and Bagged

Darren Caldwell thought he was in for another routine day at work sorting the new shipments of comics, dealing with customers, closing shop and then heading home alone with only a copy of The Blue Barracuda to entertain him. Never in his wildest fantasies—and a man who owns a comic shop has some good spandex-filled fantasies—did Darren expect to see a man like Connor Smith enter his shop.

Before Darren can duck the POW! of love, he finds himself inviting Connor along to a weekend comic convention. One smoking-hot road trip later and Darren is tumbling head over heels for, and into bed with, the one man who brings out a submissive side Darren never knew existed. Lucky for Darren, he’s got a long weekend, a hot, comic-book collecting Dom and the adventurous spirit to figure out if his new kinky tendencies are the stuff of heroes or villains.

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