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Tuesday Tales - Stark

Welcome back to Tuesday Tales!

 Today we have the last installment of a short holiday addition that spanned White Moon, Yellow Leaves and Wind in White Birch.

Our word prompt this week is 'Stark.' Please do check out the other wonderful writers after you`re done reading by clicking on the Tuesday Tales link at the bottom. Thanks for stopping in!

Blue & Silver Bows

 Jonah nodded, walked inside, and closed the door with my back. I had lunged at him with rabid intent and he had countered perfectly.

 My coat slithered down off my arms. His did the same. His mouth roamed over mine, his hands slid down my ribs then back up. My fingers found the strip of rawhide holding his hair and I pulled that puppy out roughly. Jonah hissed at the lost hair. I had his bolo tie off in no time. He had his hands on my thighs, his mouth on my jugular and his groin plastered against my hip. There was no mistaking that he wanted me. I twitched and shuddered as his fingers roamed over my upper thigh. My high heel fell to the floor when Jonah jerked my leg up above his hip.

I threw my head backwards and it met the door with a crack. I inhaled then started to giggle. The more I laughed the less erotic the moment was. Jonah picked his head up and stared down at me.  Fanning my face with my hand, I tried to get myself back on the lust train. Sadly, it seemed to have pulled out of the station.

Jonah blew out a long warm breath that fluttered over my flushed neck and face. “Yeah, okay, so I think I should probably go.”

“You never got coffee,” I pointed out as I relaxed in his arms. I ran my fingers over his jaw and teased his ear lobe, my eyes hooded and sultry I hoped. The man sucked in a shaky breath, released my leg and tugged the hem of my dress down.

“I`ll grab some on the way home. If I don`t leave now we both know where this will end up,” he said tucking a wild strand of yellow behind my ear. “And it is not that I don`t want to go there with you but I want you to remember everything I do. I don`t want any regrets or doubts that it was the booze that made you sleep with me. So, next time no vodka, okay?”

“Cross my heart,” I said then did. “You can`t go yet. We have a present for you.” I wobbled over to the four-foot faker in the corner of my stark little apartment. I found his gift, kicked my remaining shoe free then presented the present to him.

He smiled. My girly parts got all sorts of tingly. The man picked his coat off the floor, threw it on, and then raced out the door. He was back in a moment, windblown and sexy as hell. I began to shake my head when he placed the large box wrapped in blue and topped with a silver bow in  my shaking hands.

“Wow,” I stared at the big box, “What are the odds we`d choose the same paper and bows?”

“Goes to show you how our minds run along a similar path." He tore the paper from his gift. His eyebrows rose in surprise. “I thought this would be that romance book Andy had talked about," he confessed as he read the back of the anthology of Seneca legends. When he looked up his ebony eyes told me things that made my ears red again. “Thank you,” he placed the book over his heart. "And thank Rhett too.”

“I will,” I said awkwardly holding the large box. He motioned at the gift with his head. I sat on the couch and patted the cushion next to me. Jonah eagerly plastered his rump next to mine.

“It`s for both of you,” Jonah said as I removed one baseball mitt than another. “I know you`re lost right, but hear me out,” he explained to my quizzical look. “Every guy needs someone to toss a ball too. It`s more than just about playing baseball. We talk better when we`re sporting it. You be his catching buddy and he`ll talk to you about everything.”

“Thank you,” I choked out and placed a kiss to his cheek. His skin was so warm beneath my lips. I wanted more but he was already getting to his feet. Deep down I knew he was right. It would be better to wait. That didn`t mean my libido had to like the verdict though. He took my hand. We walked to the door where he turned.

“I`ll call and we can do something in the New Year, yes?”

I nodded like a bobble-head doll. Another chaste kiss and he headed out into the cold.

“Hey!” I shouted, hugging myself tightly when I stepped out onto my battered welcome mat. Jonah stopped five steps down and looked back up at me. “You were supposed to teach me a Seneca word.”

The wind lashed up into the vestibule, slinging his long hair around his face. A wicked smile played over his well-kissed lips.


"And that means what, exactly?" I asked rolling the word around silently on my tongue.

"Cougar." He winked then disappeared into the night. The New Year could not come soon enough.

Copyright 2013 ©by V.L. Locey


And that concludes Jonah and Dana`s first date. Next week we'll leap into Wind in White Birch, one of my two favorite serial series, and see if this budding relationship blossoms.

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Jean Joachim said...

DAMN! This is the last post? When is this story coming out? I have to have it. Love this excerpt. And the ending was simply perfect! Cougar. Grrr. Wonderful.

Flossie Benton Rogers said...

Very appealing as always. He's a gentleman, and I love his thoughtful gift.

Jillian said...

loving this- from the laughter to her girly parts to baseballs. Perfect!

Iris Blobel said...

Aww Jonah ... he's so yummy ... Can't wait for me.

V.L. Locey said...

Many thanks TT family!

Not to worry, next week we will continue on with Jonah and Dana`s romance with Wind in White Birch!

Anonymous said...

Excellent! As usual. Hot and steamy, yet also showing the tender, loving - and humorous - sides.

V.L. Locey said...

Thank you muchly, Trisha!