Monday, November 10, 2014

Tuesday Tales - Picture Prompt

Welcome back to Tuesday Tales!

We are still moving onward with a short Christmas serial titled Blue & Silver Bows. We have a picture prompt this week so the excerpt is written to reflect the image and must be three hundred words or under.  Jonah is driving Dana home after she nervously imbibed on their first date. We'll pick things up right our couple have left the comedy club.

Blue & Silver Bows

“Take a right and cross over the bridge,” I smiled. Jonah looked like he wanted to kiss me but he didn`t. That was probably a wise call since we couldn`t seem to stop once we started. Traffic was light and we arrived in front of my apartment complex a little after midnight. I had myself under control a bit better when he opened the truck door and took my hand so I could slide down to the ground. We took the stairs to the second floor, conversation drifting off into the always-awkward saying goodbye zone.

I found my keys and got the three locks opened. Jonah was behind me, his big frame blocking the wind that whips up into the vestibule. I didn`t want him to go, not yet. I looked up from the ball of keys, key fobs made by childish hands, and a Wolverine lanyard my son won at a school fair.

“You could come in and see the place,” I mumbled, wondering where the vodka-fueled cougar had fled. This was a little church mouse inviting the cat in for tea not some young man hungry wildcat. “Or I mean I – It`s late and you have a long drive so. . . I shouldn`t have done that because yeah...I`m so really not a cougar,” I admitted, finding the top of his boots incredibly fascinating.

"I`d really like to see your place and maybe have some coffee? If that`s not too pushy?"

          I smiled up at him as I leaned next to an image hanging on my wall of one of the old camps by Mud Puppy Lake taken years ago by Aunt Jo.  “You`re letting all the heat out,” 

Copyright 2013 ©by V.L. Locey


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morgan said...

I love your realitic characters. First, she wants him, but as the vodka wears off, she becomes confused how to approach him, then doubtful she even should. I can identify. Wonderful as usual.

Jean Joachim said...

Actually, I think he's gonna replace the heat real quick. Love her sudden shyness when they are alone. Bet he does, too. Great story.

Flossie Benton Rogers said...

How wonderful. I especially like the line about finding his boots fascinating-- love your humor-- and Mud Puppy is such a unique name.

V.L. Locey said...

Thank you all!

Near our house we have a large marshy area, and upon that marsh sits a summer camp. Just one place, all by itself. The road leading back to the camp is Mud Puppy Lane. I always loved that name and hoped to be able to use it somewhere someday.

Iris Blobel said...

Oh I have a feeling it's going to heat up soon again. real soon. Great snippet again!

V.L. Locey said...

I suspect you may be right, Iris! Thanks for dropping by.

trishafaye said...

Great scene! I love the semi-awkwardness that comes between them as they approach her place. So real.