Saturday, November 15, 2014

How A Story Is Born (Sometimes)

I must confess to being really excited about the release of Tumble Dry, a short erotic romance which is being released under Secret Cravings Weekend Getaways line. Every so often an image will float past your eyes that instantly strikes a chord. A character or plot-line springs to life and before you know it, a story is rolling onto paper. That is what happened with Tumble Dry.

One day I was just scrolling through my Facebook feed, idly looking and liking, when this gorgeous young man appeared. Who he is I do not know. I don`t even recall who it was on my friend's list that shared this tantalizing image. Whoever it was, thank you!

BLAM! I sat there, jaw hanging open, staring at this stunning fellow. Talk about inspirational! Within a week Tumble Dry was written. I hope you enjoy this new erotic interracial cougar short coming 11/29 exclusively from Secret Cravings Publishing. 

Roxanne Jones is about to discover that dryers aren`t the only hot things at the Tumble Dry laundromat. 


“So do you?”

“Do I what?”

“Have a couple of spare quarters? Since you won’t let my man things gyrate around in the water with your woman things.”

Was he saying those kinds of things on purpose? Of course he was, if the puckish grin he now wore was any indicator. Oh, I did like this man. A lot.

“Honey, I’m not sure that your man things are man enough to gyrate with my woman things,” I parried. He chortled then leaned a hip into the washer, his arms folding over his bare chest.

“I’m pretty sure that they are.” He said it with utmost confidence in the prowess of his man things. I sucked down a large gulp, the twinge behind my eye reminding me to slow down. I sipped and enjoyed looking at him, spying a small, silver navel ring glistening from the neon lights overhead. My mouth was dry even though I had just swallowed some of my drink. His steady gaze made me fidget.

“Rather sure of your man things, aren’t you?” I finally said, as I tossed my change purse to him. He caught it with one hand, his eyes never leaving my face.

“Rather,” he commented offhandedly, opened the tiny bag then extracted four quarters. My tongue toyed with the end of my straw. He laid the purse on the top of the machine next to his then arranged the coins in the slots, all four standing erect. Mmm, what a nice word that is. Erect. Makes all sorts of dirty, sweaty images appear inside a woman’s mind, doesn’t it?

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Flossie Benton Rogers said...

Hot! Thank you for sharing your moment of inspiration. I love how mysterious inspiration is.