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Dueling Author Interviews

One of the best things about being in author groups is getting to know new writers. No one gets you and your quirks quite as well as another scribe. Over on Facebook I'm lucky enough to be a part of a fantastic author support group called Authors Forum. It was there that this authors interviewing other authors project came to life. We were all assigned interview partners and boy did I luck out. Not only is C. S. a gentleman, he is a skilled author with a great wit. Below you'll find both of our interviews. I hope you enjoy them! Please do visit C.S. at the links in his interview.


1- When did you know you were a writer?

I’ll let you know when that happens. At the moment, I’m just a guy who wrote a book wondering what the future holds. I had hoped to make a film, but I can’t seem to stop writing.

2- Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire?

That’s a bloody tough one! Can I get away with saying Kelly’s voice and Astaire’s elegance?

3- What is your writing routine?

It involves making it home from either work or the gym and still having enough energy to be creative. If my eyes aren’t hazy, I switch on some music and immerse myself in a created world.

4- You're headed into space and can only take one book. Which one is it?

Ha! Can I say Maybe, Misery for some extra-terrestrial promotion? If not, probably My Boring Ass Life by Kevin Smith. 

5- Name your favorite character from one of your books.

That’s another tough one … Either Lance Talon or Dr Max Carter (people haven’t met him yet).

6- Are you a grammar stickler or a grammar slacker?

A bit of both, I find I slip between the two almost seamlessly.

7- What are you currently working on?

The sequel to Maybe, Misery – The Talon Strand, I’m co-writing a story called Beating Hearts with a talented author from Seattle and I’m also writing a love story called between Dimensions; oh and a collection of drabbles, poems and short stories. 

8- Top three genres to read/write.

For reading: Sci-Fi, short stories and dramas. Writing: Fiction, fiction and fiction with bits of Science chucked in.

9- Sports? Love them or hate them?

I wouldn’t go as far as to say I love them. I watch the infrequent football (soccer) match on the T.V, but I do work out often and play tennis, so I guess I love them more than I hate them.

10- Do you have any pets? 

Much to my chagrin, no … but I really, really need a kitten.

11- What is the best thing a reader has said about one of your books?

I was going to look at my reviews then, until I remembered my editor said it was one of the best debut novels he’d worked on. I took that as a compliment.

12- What was the worst thing a reader has said about one of your books?

You know, I’ve been lucky so far. There has been little to no negative comments, probably because I always have a hammer close by. I guess it was when a reviewer didn’t like my non-linear structure.

13- Top five reasons you must write or cease to live.

Well it was one my bucket list to write a book. It’s really hard, making every chapter an achievement. Those inner thoughts have to find some way out. Doing it right can help other people with their experience. If I didn’t write, I’d just complain on my blog.

14- The zombie apocalypse has begun. What do you pack?

I already have it packed. A screw driver; a Stanley knife, a bandage, my kindle, a spare jacket, one copy of Maybe, Misery and some antibacterial hand lotion. I always carry these things in my back pack just in case. I also carry custard creams, but they don’t last long.

15- Where do you get your inspiration?

25% from music, 25% from film, 15% from women, 10% life experience and 25% from other books; unless something just pops in my head.

16- What is your number one writing tip?

Switch off the world.

17- What is your favorite childhood book?

Bloody hell, I can barely remember yesterday! I’m going to say BFG by Roald Dahl.

18- If you could switch minds with a famous author who would you swap with?

I’d probably go with a certain Mr King, just to help my descriptive writing. A day worth of elephantitis would go a long way.

19- How do you combat writer's block?

With distance, whenever I have struggled to write; I have simply taken a step back and read what I have written. Hopefully then I enjoy reading it that much, that I want to write more. If not, then sex and alcohol.

20- Dream vacation destination?

I’d love to go back to Switzerland. It’s such a beautiful place. Then again, there are so many places left to explore. Tokyo is definitely up there and America.

21- Do you have a playlist that you listen to when you write?

Best question ever! I do indeed! I have created soundtracks for most of my work so far. I often include songs in my book. There is beauty still to be found in music … you just have to push through all the mass produced nonsense first.

22- What scares the bejeebers out of you?

I used to be afraid of heights, until I climbed three mountains, in three different countries in 24 hours. I’m still not a fan of small spaces though, though I’m not really afraid; I’d just prefer to avoid them ha!

23- If you could pick one of your works to be turned into a movie, which one would you chose?

I got told that Maybe, Misery would make a good movie! Though I think the Talon Strand would be good, it’s more of adventure.  

24- Regular or decaf?

I try to avoid coffee but I’ll go with regular.


And now my interview. My replies aren`t nearly as clever as C.S.`s are. 

1. So, is writing a lifelong ambition, or did it just happen?
It sprang up out of the blue, or so it seemed, about 7 years ago. Now I know that I always had the mind of a writer.
2. You have one day left on earth, what do you do?
Spend it with my husband and daughter. Then attend a Rangers game that night.
3. How long do you write each day?
4-6 hours if at all possible.
4. What is your opinion on the self-publishing industry?
I love it. My first books were self-published.
5. Who/what/where first inspired you to write?
It was Bryan Singer who inspired me to write my first fan fiction. Let`s just say I disliked the way he handled the X-Men movie, so I sat down to pen my own version. The rest, as they say, is history.
6. Aren't kittens just the cutest thing? Or are you one of those dog people?
I am a HUGE cat person. Just check out my Pinterest page if you doubt me.
7. You’re throwing a dinner party and you have room for three guests. Which three authors, past and present would you invite?
Mark Twain, J. R. Ward, Armistead Maupin
8. What’s the one question you wish people would ask you when you tell them you’re a writer?
Where can I buy your book?
9. Where do you get the names for your characters?
They come to me generally. I'll know right off if the name isn`t right, and will fiddle and rename until the correct one appears.
10. What makes you love/hate a book?
There are few books that I hate. I can only think of one in the last 30 years that I could not finish. What makes me love a book is great characters, lots of sex, a strong plot, plenty of character interaction, a bit of action, and a touch of humor.
11. How hard is the editing process?  
It is hard as hell. Seriously, I now hate commas with the burning intensity of ten thousand suns.
12. What genre (s) do you write and how are they different from other writers of these genre(s)?
I write erotic romance. My books tend to focus on people who aren`t the cookie cutter leading man, leading lady, leading zombie. Wait. Where did the zombie come from?
13. What are you currently working on?
At the moment I'm doing NaNo and trying to get two erotic hockey novellas, one M/F and one M/M done for possible anthology submissions.
14. What is the most interesting thing you have learned from your research?
That traffic lights in Minnesota are called stop-and-go lights.
15. Which of your covers is your favourite and who designed it?
I love them all, but I'd have to say the To Love a Wildcat covers by Dawne Dominique are my favorites to date.
16. How do you combat writer's block?
Walk, listen to music, watch TV, read, people watch, bat ideas around with other writers.
17. What would be your number one writing tip?
Discipline. Learn it.
18. Do you have any phobias and how do you deal with your inner fears?
I'm scared of bees. I deal with that phobia by running around flailing my arms if a bee comes within fifty yards of me.
19. What are your all-time favourite three books?
Outlander, Dark Lover, Charlotte`s Web
20. What was the first book you remember reading?
Charlotte`s Web
21. How long have you been writing?
7 years.
22. What’s the most annoying thing people say when you tell them you’re a writer?
When are you going to get a real job?
23. When you're not writing, what do you do for fun?
Read, hang with the family, play with the chickens, watch Rangers hockey, have lunch with my friends.

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