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Tuesday Tales - Short

Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! It's time for  more romance. I`m still sharing my previously written multicultural serial, White Moon, Yellow Leaves. Last week Dana and Jonah shared a warm Thanksgiving meal. Will Dana accept Jonah`s offer of a romantic stroll around Mud Puppy Lake? And what may happen if she does?

Our word prompt this week is 'Short'. Please do check out the other wonderful writers after you`re done reading by clicking on the Tuesday Tales link at the bottom. Thanks for stopping in!

White Moon, Yellow Leaves


“Sure,” I replied to Jonah`s query with a smile. I`d need to walk back to Pittsburgh to work off all I had eaten today, but a stroll around Mud Puppy Lake was better than the nap I would usually have taken. We bundled up, told the stove-huggers where we were headed then stepped into the night. The temperature had dropped sharply while we had feasted.

“I bet there`ll be ice on the lake in the morning.” I blew into my hands as I stepped off the porch.

“Thin layer," Jonah said then reached over to place his hands over mine, keeping them cupped. He raised them to his lips and blew. “You want to go back for gloves?” he asked, each word steaming my palms. I shook my head dully. “Okay.” He released one hand. The other he held onto and led me to the worn path circling the water. We walked in silence for a few minutes, the grass and dead leaves brittle with frost under foot.

 “So, you good with all this?” Jonah asked after we stopped to listen to two barred owls hooting back and forth to each other.

“Good with all what?”

“Me and you,” he said as we resumed walking off the stuffing.

Is there a me and you?” I inquired. “I`m not trying to be catty or coy,” I explained, trying to peek around the blanket of black hair hiding his profile, “I`m just not sure we should take this past a pleasant flirtation.”

“So you`re looking for something short and superficial." He said it rather stiffly.

“I didn`t say that. I just assumed you`d be looking for something short and superficial.”

He stopped then looked down at me, his fingers still clasping mine. “And why is that? Wait,” he interjected when my mouth opened. I wished I could see his face but his back was to the full moon. “It`s because I`m younger than you, right?”

“Partly,” I told him honestly. He made a short angry sound. “Okay, so you`re telling me that you want to date a woman that`s ten years older than you, has a child, and lives in another state?”

“The only impediment I see to us going out is the distance and your hang-ups. I told you I don`t care if you`re older or had a kid or are white. I like you. I think you`re funny, smart, hotter than hell, and a good mother. I want to get to know you better. End of story, or it would be if you`d stop throwing all that other bullshit in the way.”

I grew a bit short and tugged my hand from his. “Those are real concerns, Jonah. Life isn`t as simple as you`re trying to make it out to be.” I stalked off, keeping a good foot from the reeds that swayed at the edge of the lake.

“It can be,” he argued coming up on my left. “It can be as simple as two people who are attracted to each other wanting to get together. You`re heaping all your baggage onto the tracks, trying to derail a really good possible thing because you`re concerned about the size of your caboose. Or, what your ex thinks of the size of your ass, I guess I should say.”

“You need to stop talking to Josephine behind my back,” I spit at him and sped up. How dare she tell Jonah all those things I said to her in confidence? “The size of my ass has nothing to do with it.”

He grabbed my bicep bringing me to dead stop.

“Listen, she didn`t tell me anything that I didn`t already know. Do I look like your ex? Do I sound like him?" I shook my head. The moon shone brightly on the side of our faces. I could see now that he was growing quite angry. “That`s because I`m not him. Now, care to give me a damned chance at the least?”

“But how are we going to work out the logistics?” I insisted. It was so cold clouds of breath lingered in front of our faces.

“I don`t know, but we will. I can drive down some weekend.”

 I gaped at him. “Drive down to Pittsburgh? That`s a long way to go to see a movie with a woman.”

“Depends on the movie and the woman,” he replied smoother than the surface of Mud Puppy Lake. Oh yeah, Jonah Big Deer was very good. I wanted to come back with something flip but my lips just formed a smile. His head slid to the left, his hair flowing off his shoulder to block out the moonlight.

“Are you smiling?” he teased, moving the hand that had been holding my arm downward until his fingers were tickling my wrist. “Is that a yes?”

“It`s a ‘you`re crazy, but if you drive down I`ll go out with you’ as opposed to a yes.”

“Damn, you are one tough woman to woo,” he chuckled, turning us both back to the path then placing his arm around my neck. It was heavy and warmed me better than any scarf ever knitted.

“Are you wooing me?” I asked coquettishly.

“I`d like to think I am,” he admitted as we rounded the far side of the water. We walked out onto the rickety boat launch. Four canoes and a johnboat were overturned on the shore, waiting for the snowfall that would bury them until next spring. “What kind of wooing do you prefer? Flowers? Candy?”

“God, no candy,” I groaned. Jonah pulled me closer to his side. I went willingly, my arguments against this new affair of the heart soundly beaten down by his honesty. “Teach me something in Seneca.”

I caught him glancing down at me. It was hard to judge what he was thinking as he looked over the nearby woods then stared at the sky.

Kakë:'ët Ë:ní'ta:'” he said, reaching out to tip my chin upward. “That means white moon." I tried to repeat the words but they got tangled on my tongue.

“That was pretty horrible."He winced as I mangled a lovely language. “You work on those and when I come down next, I`ll try to teach you a few more.”

I nodded then followed the two owls we had heard moments ago as they left the trees on silent wings. They crossed across the white moon, their departure shaking some yellow leaves free.

  Jonah dropped his head to kiss me. It was a soft kiss at first, tentative and unsure.  I rose to my toes for more. Then the kiss deepened. My hands moved under his hair to find the back of his neck. We were both breathless when the kiss ended.

“I hope it doesn`t snow a lot this winter,” I confessed, his hands resting on my waist.

“Those Inuit’s aren`t the only natives that can be mushers,” he informed me slanting his mouth over mine for another taste.

To be continued . . .

Copyright 2013 ©by V.L. Locey


Care to read about Jonah and Dana`s first date? Good, because this serial isn`t over yet. We'll have a few entries that I wrote  around the Christmas holidays, then we'll go directly into the conclusion of this romance, Wind in White Birch.

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Jillian said...

Lots of good stuff going on here from the almost bickering at the beginning to the kiss at the end. Love it!

Jean Joachim said...

Leave us hanging, why don't you? Lol. At least you got them together and he shot down her fears. Looking forward to more. Love this story.

Flossie Benton Rogers said...

Energetic and lush post. I love his reference to her caboose and especially that he kissed her!

V.L. Locey said...

Many thanks Jean and Flossie. I'm looking forward to bringing everyone more of this couple. =)

SherryGLoag said...

I love the energy in this scene. And the imagery is pretty impressive too.

Sarah Cass said...

It's amazing how a few years make us see things the younger ones don't...we see the obstacles, they only see the possibilities.

V.L. Locey said...

Very true, Sarah.

Thank you, Sherry.

Anonymous said...

You even worked in two 'short's. Very good.
Love the Seneca phrase & his comment on her pronunciation. I tried some Cherokee before. It wasn't pretty.
Trisha Faye

V.L. Locey said...

I didn`t even catch short', the second 'short', Trisha. You have sharp eyes!