Sunday, October 26, 2014

Buckling Down

Phew. October has been one frantic month!

With two book releases, blog tours to support the books, as well as parties and events to attend online as well as in real life, I think I may actually be looking at NaNoWriMo as a vacation this year!

Of course I`m kidding, as all who choose to participate know that NaNo (National Novel Writing Month) is a challenge and a half. Fifty thousand words in thirty days is nothing to sneeze at. The dust that will accumulate in my house will be, though. Fortunately, Mister and Miss know how to cook well enough to survive so the guilt won`t be too severe.

I`m hoping to knock out two hockey novellas as my NaNo project this time around, which is a change for me. I generally do novels but I wanted to get these two possible submissions for anthology tales done so I could leap into another book in December. To that end, I have worked like a devil . . . No, wait, not a devil. I`m a Rangers fan, I can`t be related in any way to the Devils. To that end, I have worked like a lunatic to get everything ready for my blog. Phew. That was a close one.

All the Tuesday Tales posts as well as the Throwback Thursday Tune posts are scheduled. Aside from any guest spots, there will be no personal blogging during November except for promo for Tumble Dry, which releases 11/29.

As I mentioned in my The Twisted Sister Query post a bit ago, when my novels/novellas need to be written I skip doing blog posts. November is going to be my time to get the last two items on my 2014 writing To-Do list completed. Therefore, until I complete my two novellas this will be the last time we chat on Sunday for a few weeks.

If you're a fellow author taking the NaNo plunge, best of luck with your project. If you`re a reader who is just stopping in, thank you for the visit and do come back for the regular weekly goodies! You'll find more from Jonah and Dana as their multicultural romance continues on Tuesday Tales, and who doesn't love an old tune every Thursday?

Talk to you when the literary dust has settled, my friends.

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