Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Crumby Mystery

As most folks know who visit here, I rather like animals. I`m pretty fond of the all the barnyard critters we raise. I love dogs and adore cats. *Hugs for Lucius and Lu-Lu.*

Cats are amazing and special creatures. They are sleek, seductive, secretive and loving. Yes, that loving might not come when you snap your fingers, but a cat is not a dog. If you demand instant affection, a boxer is for you, not a cat. I love that independent air a cat exudes. They are truly mysterious and marvelous creatures.

I have owned cats for nigh onto forty years. My mother was not a cat person, but as soon as I had my own place I had a cat, or two. So speaking from forty years of cat ownership, I dare say there are many things that we humans do not grasp about feline behavior.

One of the many mysterious things about cats is this--

Why do cats refuse to eat the crumbs of their dry food?

Is it not the same exact food that they gobble down like starved Tasmanian devils, then promptly vomit back up, as soon as you let them back in the house?

 Do the crumbs taste different? How would that be possible if they did? 

Do the crumbs become tainted somehow? Is that why cats refuse to eat them? 

Could it be that licking the bottom of a bowl is dog behavior, and cats do not wish to behave like a dog? 

And why, when you do finally get tired of seeing your cat/cats staring forlornly at the crumbs in the bottom of the dish, do they then run over to eat those same crumbs after you dump them into the dog dish?

So many questions. And nary a cat to be found that is willing to talk. 


Jillian said...

as a fellow animal over and Cat aficionado, I love this. AND How very true it all is, especially the puking as soon as they come back in the house- preferably on the carpet, not the tile. What's up with that?

V.L. Locey said...

I honestly don`t know what is up with the eat-and-puke either, Jillian.