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Tuesday Tales - Pretty

Hello! It`s time for Tuesday Tales again. This week our word prompt is 'Pretty'.

 I'm still sharing White Moon, Yellow Leaves, my M/F contemporary multicultural romance. Last week we ended with Dana and Jonah on Thanksgiving day. Let`s see how the meal progresses, shall we?

White Moon, Yellow Leaves

             The Big Deer men were gregarious and ate like grizzly bears just coming out of hibernation. Rhett asked question after question. I grew a bit ill at ease about him being so blatant until Jonah leaned to the right while Andy was answering Rhett`s latest query about the Seneca.

            “It`s better for him to learn the right things from the right people than go through life thinking the wrongs things told to him by the wrong people.” Jonah patted my thigh under the table.

            He was right. I tried to stop worrying about my son offending our dinner guests.

            By the time I placed two pies and a freshly brewed pot of coffee on the table our tiny group moaned in agony. It didn`t stop any of us from having a slice of pie topped with vanilla ice cream, though. Rhett excused himself and wobbled to the couch beside the wood stove after dessert. We adults, and Herr Poopbottom, who had been fed enough under the table to placate an Irish wolfhound, remained in the cramped kitchen area and talked.

            We chatted about old times and those who no longer came to Mud Puppy Lake. Aunt Jo-Jo asked Jonah what his line of work was. I stirred sugar into my cup as he explained that he had taken the training he had gotten in the National Guard and was now working at a large trucking company as a diesel mechanic. Aunt Jo raised her wild eyebrows at me. I stirred faster.

            “Dana works in a bookstore,” my aunt said. I nodded and popped my spoon out of my mouth.

            “Maybe you can find a book for me?” Andy asked, dabbing at his mouth with the napkin that was still hanging from his shirt collar.

            “Sure, I`ll try. What are you looking for?” I asked, leaning back into my chair. My arm brushed Jonah`s. Flames erupted at my elbow then spread to the tips of my fingers and toes. I stared at Andy across the table, not daring to look at Jonah lest I toss my cup of coffee aside and leap on him like a starving puma.

            “Oh man,” Jonah murmured then put his cup to the table beside his dirty pie plate. Andy Big Deer ignored his grandson and requested a copy of that book his sister told him about.

“It`s something to do with this Viking and this woman and it`s really dirty,” the elder Big Deer stated. I smiled into my coffee. I had a strong suspicion of what he was asking for. It was called Norse Desires. It was pretty popular and been flying off the shelves for the past month. Everyone was talking about it. A thud to my side drew my attention from Joe. Jonah had dropped his head to the table in front of him. Aunt Jo-Jo was giggling and patting his thick dark hair across the table.

“It`s okay,” she cackled with mischief, “we`ll keep the dark dirty secret that the Big Deer men like romance novels to ourselves.”

“Only him,” Jonah quickly pointed out, sitting straight up and giving me a long, desperate look. “I read good books.”

“Are you saying that romance novels aren`t good books?” I asked curtly, crossing one leg over the other then slapping him with a dour look.

“No, of course not, I just meant that – Uhm, yeah, how about those Mets?” Jonah muttered.

“Oh no you don`t! You`re not shifting the discussion to hockey, Mister Big Deer,” I countered. The rest of the guests burst into laughter. “Basketball then?”

The next outburst of hilarity nearly woke up Herr Poopbottom. I gave up on my defense of romance novels and drank my coffee. By the time Rhett threw Pictionary on the table we had all refilled our mugs. Another hour raced past. I learned that while Jonah Big Deer may possess many fine qualities, drawing is not one of them. He, Rhett, and I were on one team, Aunt Jo and Andy on another.

“It`s a horse? Really?” I asked, squinting to try to make out how the thing with legs Jonah had drawn was supposed to resemble anything equine.

“Yes it`s a horse. See the long tail?” he huffed, pointing at the mentioned part scribbled on a blank piece of paper.

“I thought it was a wolf. That`s why I said Dances with Wolves,” I explained.

“I thought it was a cat,” Rhett admitted with a shrug.

“That`s why I put him on your team. He couldn`t draw himself through a straw,” Andy chortled. Jonah mumbled something that only Andy understood. By the tone of the quick sentence it wasn`t anything a child should hear. Sadly, after a few rounds of game play the inevitable could be put off no longer: dishes had to be washed.

I sent Andy and Aunt Jo into the tiny living-room to listen to the radio and chat. Rhett, Jonah and I began the seemingly overwhelming clean-up. Another hour crept past as we washed, dried, and put away dishes, pots, and pans. Rhett was getting pretty sleeping looking, so I handed him some crayons and the pad we had used for our game, and he joined the pair talking about summers past.

“Care to join me for a stroll around the lake?” Jonah asked, rubbing his slightly rounded stomach."Maybe walk off a few calories?"

Copyright 2013 ©by V.L. Locey


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Flossie Benton Rogers said...

Here's to hoping you're going to write Norse Desire next! Great scene. Jonah is appealing, and I'm looking forward to their walk around the lake.

Sarah Cass said...

LOL! What a wonderful discussion. I love jonah's reaction to his father's request...and the all around frivolity of the meal. This story really does make me happy. I just can't wait to see these two get a little frisky. i love them together :D

V.L. Locey said...

Ha,ha! Yes, Jonah and his grandfather have a wonderful relationship. Thanks for dropping in Flossie and Sarah!

Jean Joachim said...

What a place to stop!!! Damn! And I was looking forward to their having some alone time. But I do love the gentle family scene and how each character is different yet blends perfectly into the family. Love this story.

V.L. Locey said...

It`s been one of those weeks on the Tuesday Tales excerpts it seems!

Thanks for dropping by,Jean.

Jillian said...

LOVE IT! Herr Poopbottom made me crack up! LOL! and I read this while I'm hungry so pie sounds divine.

My characters are walking beside a lake next week. How funny is that?

V.L. Locey said...

Must be that time of the year for lovers to stroll around lakes!

Thanks for coming by, Jillian.

chrysnjay said...

The mastery you have of language! 'Leap on him like a starving puma' - loved it!!

SherryGLoag said...

Hahaha Flossie :-)Love the images you create here. Lovely scene.

morgan said...

You set the scene so well. It is reminiscent of Thanksgiving at my grandmother's house, but alas, no sexy Jonah ever joined us.