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Please Welcome Jamie Salisbury

Jamie has dropped by today to share a little info about herself as well as her book, Choice Matters. It sounds like a great read, and just look at that sexy cover! 


In the three short years since Jamie Salisbury began publishing her Romance stories, she has seen her books soar to #1 on Amazon. Her novella Tudor Rubato was a finalist in the 2012 RONE (Reward of Novel Excellence) award, and the cover won for Best Contemporary Cover. Now in 2014, her novel Life and Lies has been nominated for a RONE in the Erotica category. She has expanded her audience to include several now published by Secret Cravings Publishing.
Her previous career in public relations has afforded her with a treasure trove of endless story ideas.

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Twitter: @JamieRSalisbury

Choice Matters - Blurbs
Apolo Choice...self-made billionaire before the age of thirty. At a time when most men are still trying to figure out what direction to take their careers, Apolo Choice is enjoying luxuries they are still dreaming about. But behind every powerful man come secrets, and Apolo is no exception.
Confident, intimidating, arrogant and handsome, Apolo Choice is a man who gets whatever he wants. At least in the boardroom. Away from the power deals, he has a dark side. One he allows few to enter. Until he meets Caitlyn White.
Caitlyn and self-assured, she has quietly worked at Choice Enterprises for four years. Until one day her world is turned upside down by the man at the top. Taking her from the cubical to executive suite faster than you can blink an eye.
Together they become a power couple both in the boardroom and the bedroom.

Choice Matters - Excerpts
Excerpt #1
I was standing with a small group of senator's wives. They were giving me tips about life in Washington, where to shop, the best neighborhoods. Though I was listening attentively, suddenly something in my head told me to glance over to Apolo.
There she was…again. Engaged in conversation with him. He appeared to be polite and engaged, but the muscle ticking in his cheek gave it all away to me. That one subtle feature meant he was unhappy. Of course, my glance did not go unnoticed.
"It appears as though you have competition," one of the senator's wives joked. "Whoever she is she's stunning."
"Yes, she is," I replied. "But she's certainly not competition. She's merely an old friend."
"Well, you certainly wouldn't know by the way she's acting," another chided.
She was right. Delpheine was in what Apolo considered his personal space. He allowed no one remotely close to him unless he initiated the move. She had committed one of the big Apolo Choice no-no's, not that she seemed to care.
"Oh, that's just Delpheine. She's French, and they’re much more personally engaged with people they talk with."
Then we locked eyes, Apolo and I. Knowing him as well as I do, I knew this woman was exasperating him. But ever the cool businessman and now politician, he was tolerating her openly flirtatious ways. The moment she placed a hand on his arm in an attempt to lure him in, I saw him quietly remove her offending, well-manicured hand.
He backed away, putting more space between them. I didn't know what he was saying to her right then, but from the expression on her face, I'd say it was not what she wanted to hear.
Excusing myself, I found my way to the ladies’ room. I needed to regain my composure. Whoever this woman was, I intended to find out more. If she thought she could simply reappear in Apolo's life after leaving him in his hour of need, she was sadly mistaken.
Making my way to the line of sinks, I wasn't too surprised to find Delpheine standing there, a smirk on her face as she pretended to reapply her siren red lipstick.
"You do know that he can’t have children because of his accident?"
"Yes, I do," I replied. "Let's quit the bullshit and niceties, Ms. Bouvier. What the hell do you want? You left screaming in horror out of Apolo's life years ago. Now, he's a newly minted senator, and poof, you magically reappear. What's with that?"
"I merely want what was once mine. I intend to have him back, and trust me, it won't take long for him to find his way back to my bed. I will be Mrs. Apolo Choice."
"Good luck with that pipe dream," I spat as I threw the towel on the counter and spun past her. "I don't know what you're smokin', but lady, you don't stand a chance in hell with him. He didn't forgive you then, and he's damn sure not going to forgive you now."
I marched past her and out the door, not leaving myself open for any further comments. As I stepped into the corridor, I noted Jacob casually standing there.
"Ms. White, Mr. Choice wanted me to make sure everything was alright and asked me to escort you back to the ballroom." He was glancing over my shoulder towards the ladies’ room. That meant both he and Apolo knew what was going on. The woman was so transparent.
"Thanks, Jacob."
"Don't worry about Ms. Bouvier. I'll deal with her. If she bothers you again, please let me know."
"I will. I think I got my point across just now. So, Jacob, are you going to enjoy Washington?"
"Yes, ma'am. It's one of best cities around."
We arrived in the ballroom, where he escorted me over to Apolo, who was speaking with a small group. I slid in next to him.
"Thanks for sending Jacob," I whispered.
"I'm sorry. I don't know how she gained entrance, but I'm having it checked out."
"Don't worry, I think I handled her."
He cocked an eyebrow at me with a sly smile on his face before turning to his admirers and guests.

Excerpt #2
He maneuvered the Ferrari onto the main road leading back into the small town. He sat at the stop sign[RW1] [J2] , foot slightly on the accelerator gunning the engine with care. I gazed over at him, curious about what was running through his mind.
"So, Apolo, you going to take me to this floating palace of yours or what?" I blurted out.
My hand flew up to my mouth. Not in horror of what I'd just said, but to stifle a giggle. I couldn't believe how brazen I had suddenly become.
He was eyeing me with interest.
"I mean, we both want to have sex…‘fuck’ as you put it. We can't go to my place—roommate. Your place is off limits—don't want your staff seeing me there just yet. So, we either pull over and do it in this cramped piece of fine machinery, go get a room at one of the nearby hotels, or we take this party to your houseboat. It's up to you. Balls in your court, so to speak." I chuckled once again at my attempt at humor.
Without uttering a single word, he bent over me and covered my mouth with his. Resisting never crossed my mind. I melted into him. I'd wanted him to kiss me all evening.
Apolo Choice did not disappoint. I was instantly caught up in the moment as I felt his tongue outlining my lips before the two met and played their courtship ritual. The white glow of headlights behind us brought it to a thundering halt. He righted himself and engaged the clutch.
"My houseboat it is," he growled, pressing his hand on my thigh, in between gear changes.
We continued traveling along the shadowy, two-lane road when suddenly he pulled the Ferrari over onto the side and stopped.
"What? What is it?" I asked, peering over at his handsome face, which had now turned dark and brooding. Even in the soft light of the car's interior, I could see his gray eyes were now intense.
"We can't do this, Caitlyn. Not tonight. Especially not at my houseboat."
"Why?" I was totally confused.
"Because if I take you there, I can guarantee my brother will have made some calls to have paparazzi staked out waiting on us.."
"Your own brother would do that to you?"
"Yes, of course, he would. It gets his name in the newspapers, along with his new restaurant. I don't want you to remember our first time like that."
Had to give the man credit for being a class act.
"Rain check?" His lips sealed over mine, and we kissed as though we were long lost lovers.
"But of course. Thank you, Apolo."
"I'll always look out for you, Caitlyn. I will not have you, or whatever may transpire between us, put out there. What happens between us is between us. No one else."
"Thank you."
He turned, put the sleek sports car in gear, and headed us in the opposite direction toward Atlanta.

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