Saturday, September 27, 2014

Long Lost Lizard

Well, not too long lost but lost for long enough that things got tense for a bit.

Meet Mushu, my daughter`s anole lizard.

Mushu came to live with us about three months ago. He was won at a fair by my daughter's boyfriend's cousin. When the cousin got home she quickly found out there was a 'No Lizard!' rule in place. So, being the kind thing my daughter is, she offered to take the lizard. Since we have had far worse, noisier, stinkier, and rambunctious things in our house *cough* goat kids *cough*a lizard was more than welcome. He's no worry, really. She tosses a couple crickets into his aquarium cage once a day, sprays the sides of the tank with water, and that is pretty much the upkeep for Mushu.

A few days ago I was writing and my hubby was outside landscaping when I heard this question being called from my daughter`s room--

"Has anyone seen Mushu?"

Yep. We had a six inch lizard that can change color to match his environment on the loose. In a house with two cats. We flew into action, closing her bedroom door first to keep all lizard-eating felines out. Then we began searching every nook and cranny. Under the bed, in the closet, behind the TV stand. Nothing. Nary a lizard to be found. Then my daughter turned off her fan. A faint little rustle could be heard among the papers stored in the cubby holes of her desk, which is where Mushu`s aquarium is found.

She slowly snuck over to the papers, pulled them out, and the chase was on! Over the desk that little stinker ran, fast as mercury! With my daughter in hot pursuit Mushu then leaped from the desk to the TV stand, zipped under the TV, ran up the back of the set, jumped down to the floor, and was finally caught with a slick move and cupped hands by my daughter. The wandering anole was placed back in his home, with a few stern words from his owner about his bad behavior. After his escape we got the lid settled properly into place. There will be no more walkabouts for Mushu.

The cats are disgruntled to say the least. 


Michele Stefanides said...

I smell a conspiracy. First Tinker, now Mushu. Five duck eggs from four ducks...what's going on at that bucolic-looking farm? ;-)

Tabitha Shay said...

What a cute tale and how funny...Glad your daughter found her lizard...The kids had a hamster named Charley who was impossible to keep in his cage...One day he did his little walk-about and was never seen again. Sadly, we all loved the hamster....

V.L. Locey said...

Oh poor, Charley. Sorry to hear his walk-about ended badly, Tabitha.

There must be something in the water here on the hillside farm, Michele! =D

Beverly Ovalle said...

LOL. Lizards love to roam! My water dragons are no exception except they are about 2 foot long so can't hide as well!

V.L. Locey said...

Now those are some big lizards, Beverly!