Sunday, September 14, 2014

A New Mug

Sometimes you just have to splurge. I saw this mug at Wal-Mart when I was buying groceries. It called to me so I grabbed it. I am enjoying sipping coffee out of it. Over the past week, having this pretty little mug to cradle has been a real blessing at times.

I try not to dwell on bad topics because who wants to read about depressing things on a blog? We all have enough hardship in our lives, which is why I generally don`t post about difficulties in my life. Let`s just say that my dad had a very bad spell last week. It resulted in him entering renal failure and being rushed to a hospital about 45 minutes away. Thankfully he is doing much better now, the urinary blockage has been attended to, and he's on the road to recovery. He'll be spending a few weeks in a local rehab center. The tricky part is going to come when his stint at the rehab center (we don't use the term "nursing home" within earshot of Pop) is over.

I think we, and that includes all the kids, may have to make a tough decision. But, I`m not one for putting the cart before the horse. We'll see what the social workers have to say. For now, I'm taking his time away from home to get in and clean, something he adamantly refuses to let anyone do but needs done terribly. I suspect a few fits will be pitched if/when he returns to his apartment. So be it. At least it will be clean. My new kitty mug was in heavy use during those tense four or five days after Pop`s tumble.

We also had to contend with a sickly calf during this time. Frankie, our new Jersey calf, bloated over the weekend. Nothing unusual with a baby being switched from milk to calf replacer, but a worrisome condition that can kill a young ruminant. Mister got some mineral oil into him pronto and that seemed to fix him up. We have also cut back on his feedings. Thankfully he made a fast recovery. Again, I was sipping steadily from the new kitty mug as we balanced tending to my dad while keeping a close eye on a potentially life-threatening situation with our calf.

I guess it may seem funny to some people that a person can get comfort from a mug with cats on it. And maybe it is kind of goofy to cradle that warm cup in your hands trying to pull succor from it. All I know is that my new mug sure has been a welcome presence in my hands the past ten days.

Do you have something that you turn to for comfort when life gets a bit too much for you? 


Cathy Brockman said...

I hope your dad gets better soon. I have a favorite mug that gives me comfort too i guess we never out grow thos sippy cups lol.

V.L. Locey said...

I guess we never do, Catniss. =)

Thanks. Pop is recovering nicely.

Jillian said...

Love the mug!

V.L. Locey said...

So do I, Jillian. Thanks for dropping by.

Misty Harvey said...

I'm glad your dad is recovering. I have a coffee mug that was my father's that I use when I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Why he had the mug is beyond me, he wasn't a coffee drinker, but I cherish it.

V.L. Locey said...

There seems to be something about a warm mug cradled in your hands. It`s very soothing.

Thanks for dropping by and sharing about your special mug, Misty.