Sunday, August 24, 2014

Getting Back To Nature

It`s odd how sometimes, even when you live on a farm, you forget how wonderful natural things truly are. Of course we all know how delicious farm fresh eggs are, or how much healthier, safer, and more humanely treated farm-raised meat is. What gave me such a sharp reminder of simple is better is a battle with canine otitis.

Our beagle, Tinker, as many dogs with long ears, suffers from almost chronic inner ear infections. Long ears cut down on air circulation in a hot, moist place . . . well, you can see where this is going. Over the past six months we have battled with this condition. Our vet has tried every antibiotic and ear wash they have in stock, all with little or no improvement. Of course, all this veterinary care comes with a tremendously steep price tag. Over $800 worth of price tag, and the poor dog is still suffering with a stinky, goopy ear.

Mister and I were at wits end when the last round of antibiotics, fourteen pills that cost over $70, failed to help. Our vet was now saying she was rather sure the strain of bacteria has become resistant and they will need to formulate a new antibiotic. I didn`t dare ask what that would cost. So there we were, between a rock and a financially hard place. We have a daughter starting college tomorrow. We just cannot afford this kind of veterinary upkeep, yet we want to be good pet owners.

"What about home remedies?" Mister asked as we sat at the table over coffee one evening.

"Well, we certainly won`t be out anything to try something homeopathic," I said then began searching the internet.

Within five minutes I had found a cocker spaniel page with a whole section devoted to canine ear infection care. Obviously the problem is a large one for cockers as well. For about ten dollars we gathered the required goodies for the ear flush. Simple things that can be found in any grocery/drug store: white vinegar, Betadine, 91% rubbing alcohol, and Boric acid. We mixed the flush up as per the directions then took Tinker outside to do the deed. Head shaking flings Betadine-tinted droplets all over. You do not want that in your house. We started using the flush and within three days were seeing a marked improvement. The odor decreased after one or two uses.

I have to say I am impressed beyond words with how well such a simple home remedy is clearing up what modern medicine could not. Why we didn`t try this earlier I don`t know.

If anyone out there is fighting with this feel free to visit the page linked below. You will be amazed with the results, and giddy with the money saved. I know Tinker sure is happy his ear feels better!


Michele Stefanides said...

How wonderful that Tinker is feeling better, and with such a little dent to your budget.

Cathy Brockman said...

that is awesoem I am so glad its helped the cute little fella

V.L. Locey said...

Thanks, Michele and Cathy! It does seem to be working nicely so far.