Sunday, August 3, 2014

Busting Buttons

It probably seems that we authors are always shouting about our work from atop our cow barns. Well, the authors that own cow barns, that is. Part of that is because we simply must help our publishers get the word out. In a world so inundated with books due to the self-publishing and small indie press explosion, marketing and promotion are more important than ever. This post, while it might seem like another 'Look at my accomplishment!' post is not that at all, or a very small part of it is that. Take a peek at what happened on Sunday, July, 27th:

Yes, I am extremely gratified that one of my books became an Amazon best-seller, if even for just a day or two. I`d be lying if I said it didn`t make me feel proud. But, the reason I`m sharing this screenshot of O Captain! My Captain! at #95 on the sports fiction rankings isn`t to try to make you admit how fantastic I am. The reason that I`m sharing this, and doing so proudly, is because of who and what Maggie Charles and Derrick Andersson are, and what they represent.

The stars of my latest Wildcats erotic novel are in their forties. Gasp! Wait, it gets better. Maggie is not a size two. She has a few pounds, and stretch marks. And, sins of all sins, she can lift her breasts. No more cute and pert for our Mags. Maggie is the woman we all will be, are, or were.

Now about our leading man. Those of you with a weak constitution may wish to sit down . . .

Derrick Andersson is not Fabio. He`s a forty year old hockey player with scars, aches, pains, bad knees, a shoulder socket that is worn out, and some grey hair in his beard. He`s not erudite, or suave, or even sophisticated. Derrick is just a really good man that loves his woman with all he has.

Against all the rules of romance books, these two have made readers and reviewers pretty darn happy. And that sends me over the moon. Not because I need to bask in the limelight or roll around in the accolades. What sends me as a writer is knowing that people are embracing a heroine and hero that aren`t perfect, young, skinny, wealthy, jetsetters, etc. etc. etc. . .

Maggie and Derrick`s time on the Amazon bestsellers list is a pat on the back for every author that chooses to present realistic leading ladies. That was the goal of my Wildcats books. To showcase women that weren`t cookies cut from the buxom, blonde, and twenty-one dough. Viviana is a curvy woman, Liz painfully shy, Maggie is in her forties, Isabelle is in her fifties, and Margarite is a young woman with a major handicap. Yet every one of these women gets the dreamy man, after dealing with the complications life throws at them. The couples who are over forty are still hawt as hell, because life really does not end at thirty for women despite what the world, and Geraldo Rivera, wishes us to swallow.

Seeing Maggie and Derrick on the bestsellers list showed that romance novels, and love in real life as well, do not have to have Barbie and Ken as the leads. I plan to do my best to continue bringing you, my friends and fans, strong, realistic, and imperfect women as my Wildcat series continues, and as new ones come along as well. I am so proud of Maggie and Derrick. They`ve gone and did exactly what I hoped they would do. An author cannot ask for anything more from their character than that.

Thank you, Derrick and Maggie. You did good. 


One chubby but still smoking hot woman/author of a certain age. 


Kathy Heare Watts said...

Excited to see something that is more realistic! ADULTS that aren't kids, but more middle aged. Reality is we aren't all in our twenties or even thirties! We do age, and that doesn't mean we die! Thanks for making a story that has mature adults with imperfect lives and bodies! Oh my, real people.

Cathy Brockman said...

Congratulations! you should be proud And Derrick is my favorite so far!! LOl

V.L. Locey said...

Thank you for commenting, Kathy and Cathy!

I am quite proud of Derrick and Maggie, and what they`ve accomplished. Isn`t it wonderful to live in a world with imperfect people?!