Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Few Odd Things

It's been an odd week. Not bad odd, just with some odd things happening. Some were funny odd. And some were not so funny odd.

One of the funny odd things occurred Monday, as I made my way to the bathroom for a well-deserved, and much needed, potty run while writing. A spider fell off the ceiling. Now normally I would scoop the little fellow up then deposit him outside. This rascal decided to drop down into the front of my tank top then scurry as fast as his eight legs would scurry him into my bra. Yeah. It was quite the show. By the time I got my shirt off and the spider out of my bra I really had to use the bathroom!

A few days after the spider dance I fulfilled my ALS Challenge. My daughter and I both dumped buckets of cold water over our heads while my husband taped us on my camera. You haven`t seen the video? I know. That's because for some reason it refuses to load onto You Tube or Facebook. Odd huh? And not funny odd. I refuse to douse myself again. But the checks to MDA as well as Hockey Fights Cancer are in the mail, so you all will just have to imagine me getting soaking wet for a good cause.

 Oh! And while this isn`t odd it sure was funny. We have two mama hens with peeps strolling around the yard. We actually have a passel more peeps and hens to set loose but they need another few days. Anydoodles, the other night we're eating dinner and this huge clucking flurry breaks out in the back yard. Thinking it was either a hawk or fox attacking the moms and peeps we dashed outside just in time to see a goose getting the down beaten out of him. Down the hill the goose came with a bantam hen right on him. We all had a good laugh over that show!

We also have a goose that has taken on the role of duck wrangler/babysitter/supervisor. He sleeps with the gaggle at night in their coop, but as soon as the doors are open he runs over to the young ducks then spends the day with them. He is not the only odd bird on our farm. We have a Pekin duck that swears he is a goose, even going so far as the bunk with the geese instead of the ducks. Oh well. As long as everyone is happy I can live with their odd little quirks.

What kind of good odd, bad odd, or just plain funny things have happened to you the past week?


Cathy Brockman said...

ha ha I needed the laugh!

V.L. Locey said...

Glad you got a chuckle out of it, Cathy! =D