Sunday, July 27, 2014

What`s The Buzz?

It`s that time again. Yep, time to lay out what`s up, new, exciting, or just needing to be done. I know a lot of authors have mailing lists and/or newsletters, and that is a super idea that I wish I had the time for. Aside from the fact that I wouldn`t know how to lay out a monthly newsletter, I just don`t have the spare moments to do so. I`m rather fond of my blog, so I figured why not just save myself the aggravation and tell my friends, fans, and family what`s cooking here. I`ll even throw in some nice pictures of pretty things. Here`s one:

Okay, now that we have the gratuitous picture of Henrik out of the way, let`s see do a quick run through of what`s been done, is planned, or is being worked on for August.

Last month I wrapped up the sixth Wildcats book, Final Shifts. It`s now sitting in my files, where I`ll let it rest for a week or two. Then I`ll go back in to start doing first round edits and revisions before I submit it to Secret Cravings. I also wrote a short erotic IR romance titled Tumble Dry, which came in at slightly over 9K, that is now being edited before submission. I`m hoping to send that off in August to SCP for their open Weekend Getaways call.

For August, there`s a new M/M hockey romance that I`ll more than likely begin working on. It`s only a novella, so I should be able to get that in the can before the end of the month. It`s the last contracted book for Ellora`s Cave, so once that one is done I`ll have all the books promised to Ellora`s Cave completed. Huge sigh of relief for being ahead of schedule!

I`m so excited to have some new M/M romances coming out. It`s been a little while and I do love the genre so. My gay romance fans will have plenty to read over the upcoming months so keep a sharp lookout for new release announcements. The four books from Ellora`s Cave are all M/M romances: one a geeky tale about comic nerds with a dark, erotic side, and three hockey romances.

There is also the follow-up for Heir Apparent to begin fiddling with. Hopefully Cam and Jacobi`s romance will be chosen to be part of the next cancer charity hockey anthology. I was thrilled to be a part of Seduced by the Game, so perhaps we`ll get the rest of that story in the next anthology. If not, I may get some cover art done, get it formatted, and put it up as a free read. Whichever happens, I am incredibly proud of that story, and the good reviews it pulled in. Being the only M/M work in an anthology filled with M/F romances was kind of scary. Would readers balk? Some did, as I knew they would. But the majority were super kind, embracing gay love just as warmly as they did straight love.

Lots of good M/M news huh?  I do love my man love.

Shifting Sands, a fantasy shifter short story, will be in the Dawg Days anthology from Torquere Press. That releases on August 20th. Previous anthologies I`ve been in with Torquere have given readers the option to buy the anthology, or the single stories. I would imagine Dawg Days will run the same way, but I`ll have to double check on it then let you know.

Once I get the final M/M hockey story done for Ellora`s Cave, I may begin working on a secret project that I hope to pitch to Secret Cravings. I think it`s an awesome idea, as does my hockey guru/beta reader Lydia. Let`s hope the publisher thinks it is as well. Keep your fingers crossed gang!

Speaking of my good buddy, Lydia, she and I are working to figure out another fun project that I hope a few of you will sign up for when it`s time. We`re kind of stumbling along with things, since this is a first for both of us, but that`s part of the fun, right? Bumbling along with buddies as you work out the kinks. I sure think so. This whole author gig is a lonely one for the most part, so when I can involve some people that I care about that makes the solitary aspect easier to handle when it`s just me and the laptop.

I think that may be it for August. *scratches chin while thinking* Well, I did submit a short story for an erotic sci-fi anthology call that had August as the deadline. If my racy M/M tale is accepted, I`ll he shouting about it from atop the cow barn, I`m sure. Other than that, I think that`s pretty much it for the next four or five weeks.

Thanks for dropping by. If I missed anything that you may have wanted covered or answered, feel free to drop me a line in the comments section. I really do love hearing from you guys and gals, and always welcome your ideas and thoughts on my work, so don`t be shy. If you`d like to see something, or want to know about a certain book or series, just ask! One more pretty picture before we go! Who loved this man on Sex and the City? *Waves hand frantically in the air*

See you in September! 


Michele Stefanides said...

Well lord love a duck, to say you're busy is a major understatement! I need a nap after reading this post, or at least a second cup of coffee!! But I'm selfish, if you're that busy, it means I'm going to have lots more great stories to read!

PS, thanks for the pic of the King, swooning is such a nice way to start my day! ;-)

V.L. Locey said...

Ha,ha! Well it keeps me out of the bars, you know. ;)

Any day that starts with The King is bound to be a good day!

Cathy Brockman said...

ww lots going on some didnt even know about Good luck on all the submissions! nice petties too!

V.L. Locey said...

We keep each other busy, don`t we, Cathy?