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Please Welcome Cathy Boyd! Giveaway!

It`s always a rare pleasure for me to have a children`s author visit, not that Ms. Boyd only writes children`s books. She`s also quite the author when it comes to sexy vampires under the name Cathy Brockman! Take it away, Cathy!


Hello everyone! I’d like to thank Vicki for inviting us over to tell you about our School’s‘ Out~~ Let the Fun Begin, blog Party. Childlike muse is so excited about school being out that she is taking over my blog this week. * childlike muse squeals and does the happy dance*.

Childlike muse is going to be posting each day some fun filled ideas for summer fun. She will also be sharing some great kid-friendly recipes and crafts! We also have some friends that are going to join us so check out Dvora Swickle, Jr. Barker’s, Misty Harvey’s, and My blog next week. 
My kids are all grown, but I have two Grandies that come over a lot to visit and being a big kid myself we like to do lots of fun things together so I thought we would share some of them with you all. Also, Luke’s Dragon, my children’s book just came out in print so what better way to celebrate than throwing a party!

There will even be prizes! I will be giving away an Ecopy of my children’s book Luke’s Dragon every day to one lucky commenter. There is also a grand-prize that will be given away at the end of the week. What can you win? I am giving away a signed copy of Luke’s Dragon, Dvora is giving a signed copy of Snort, Sniffle and Drizzle and J.R. is giving an ecopy of the Adventures of the Frog Prince. There will be a rafflecopter link at the end of this post for the Grand Prize if you would like to sign up.( you can go back and tweet daily for more entries)

There is a Dragon on the loose! Where did it come from? Is it dangerous? Check out Luke’s Dragon, Book One in the Dreamland Series and find out!

Here is a sneak peek !
The Storm
Gigantic, jagged streaks of lightning flashed through the sky as Luke stared out the window beside his bed, his big blue eyes wide with fear. Yeah, he knew a twelve year old boy shouldn’t be so afraid of storms, but he just couldn’t help remembering when the tornado came through town, literally blowing close to half of it away. Sure it happened almost five years ago, but every time it stormed this bad, he remembered it like it was yesterday. Everyone in town managed to survive, but that didn’t stop the memories. Every flash, every boom of thunder, and with every howl of the wind, he could see and hear the windows shatter when his family huddled together in the bathroom. He could feel the goose bumps on his arms and the hair standing on his neck from the fear of the approaching storm.
Hearing him moving around frantically in his room, his mother shouted, “Luke, it’s going to pass over us. Go to bed. You have school in the morning!” Luke looked out again. Man, it sure is dark, but the thunder and lightning has stopped. The wind had quieted down considerably, too. He grabbed his favorite stuffed dragon off the dresser where he kept it. Well, except for stormy nights like this. So what if he was too old to sleep with a stuffed animal? Who’s gonna know, but him and the toy?  It couldn’t talk!
Gage wasn’t any ordinary stuffed animal. He wasn’t small and furry or plush. Larger than a bed pillow, he was made of a soft vinyl, his scales artfully crafted in shades of reds yellows and oranges. Luke’s Aunt Cathy had given it to him for Christmas a couple of years back, when he was into reading adventure stories of dragons and such. Well he still was, and he still liked the dragon. Tucking Gage in beside him, and putting his favorite DVD in the machine, Luke turned the lamp on by the bed. Why do they call those bulbs black when they look blue? Luke wondered to himself? Before he knew it, he had drifted off to dreamland.
Luke was jerked awake abruptly by a deafening BOOM! Sonic boom fireworks at Fourth of July celebrations made a sound like a mere whisper in comparison. As he awoke, he realized that the house was in total darkness. He lay still, clutching Gage as tightly as he could, his heart thumping loudly in his ears.
 “Dad! Dad!” Luke screamed!
Luke’s father opened the bedroom door and in a soothing voice said, “Everything is fine, Luke. Lightning hit the transformer on the pole across the street. Don’t try to come down the stairs, you may fall. Try to relax and go back to sleep. After we get the baby calmed down, and I find the lanterns, I will bring you one up.” Tucking Luke back in and shutting the door behind him, Luke’s father left to find Luke a lantern.
“Yeah, and quit squeezing me so tight! I can’t breathe!”
Luke’s eyes grew wide in surprise as he felt a wiggle in his arms and let out a scream!
“Luke! Please! You have to calm down!” Luke could hear his baby brother crying again. His mom sounded mad!
“Yikes! You scream like a girl! I think I may be deaf now!”
His hands shaking like a rattlesnake’s tail, Luke fumbled for the flashlight, knocking both it and the stuffed dragon to the floor.  “Ouch! Now I think you dented my wing! Geesh!” the voice seemed to be coming from the floor. Luke covered his head.
“What the heck! Who are you?” He called anxiously from under the covers.
“Who is who?” The voice replied, mocking Luke’s tone.
“Whoever is speaking!” Luke slowly slid the covers just below his eyes.
“You should know who I am. You named me after all.”
Something plopped on the bed. Luke started to scream again but a soft yet leathery hand, well more a talon than a hand, covered his mouth.
“Don’t scream again, you will wake the baby, not to mention, I still can’t hear from the last one yet!”
Luke looked up and there was his toy dragon not looking so much like a toy anymore. It wasn’t a whole lot bigger, maybe a little bit bigger than Luke, yet still looked different somehow. It was standing beside him looking as if nothing unusual was going on. Luke touched it and the soft cool feel of the slick vinyl felt warm and leathery.
“You can’t be talking to me.” Luke sat up squinting his eyes, trying to adjust to the dark.
“Gage?” Luke squeaked.
“Yes?” the voice mocked him, rising at the end as Luke’s had done.
“Is that really you?” Luke asked in wonderment.
“I don’t see Woody or Buzz Light Year anywhere. Do you?” The dragon rolled his narrow, bright, green eyes.
Luke smacked him on the head.
“Ouch! What did you do that for?” The dragon whined.
“Because you are a smart-aleck, and I’m not in the mood!”
“I wouldn’t do that on a full moon if I were you,” the dragon snorted.
“Why is that?” Could this really be happening? Luke thought wonderingly.
“Because I am a were-dragon.” Gage said, as if stuffed animals talked every day and that were-dragons really existed and weren’t just in books and video games.

Luke chuckled. “There’s no such thing as a were-dragon!”
“Yeah, and you said I couldn’t talk either. But here I am, in the flesh. Well...scales.” The dragon looked down at his body, wagging his long tail and knocking a book off the table. “Oops! Sorry!”
“Where I come from, anything that someone can imagine is real.” Gage said.
Shaking his head in disbelief, Luke asked, “Where exactly do you come from?”
“Dreamland.” Gage replied.
Where can you buy it?
You can add it at Goodreads: Goodreads Luke’s Dragon

About the author

Cathy Brockman has a childlike side Cathy Boyd that is the author of Luke's Dragon
Cathy has decided to never grow up! She loves to crochet, sew, cook, and garden. She hates to throw anything away and loves turning trash into treasures. She also collects dolls and loves making clothes for them.
She also likes to spend time with her grandchildren, doggie Molly, that thinks she is one of the kids and her backyard full of kitties.
Cathy loves making friends so you can stalk her—ooops---follow her at

Website:  Cathy Brockman Romance:
Twitter: @cathybrockman-
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