Sunday, June 15, 2014

O Captain! My Captain! Pinterest Storyboard Reveal

One of the most entertaining things about Pinterest, to me, is checking out storyboards other author`s make for their novels.

I just love seeing who they picture as their leading lady, which handsome actor or model they envision as their leading men, seeing the secondary characters, places, things, and pets that make each novel unique. I can spend hours over there, and have to limit myself closely or I fiddle away my writing time gaping at pins!

Today, over on Pinterest, you`ll be able to check out my storyboard for O Captain! My Captain!, the third Wildcat novel set for a tentative July 7th release.

Feel free to follow me over there if you wish. I love meeting new friends, and generally will re-follow interesting boards. I hope you enjoy my vision of Maggie, Derrick, and the characters you`ll meet in the next To Love a Wildcat book.

O Captain! My Captain! Pinterest Board

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