Sunday, June 8, 2014

O Captain! My Captain! Cover Reveal

There is nothing as exciting as revealing a new book cover, except reading a new book, of course!

I`m thrilled to once again have the extraordinary Dawne Dominique`s touch on this third Wildcat book. The tone is perfection, capturing the sexuality, realism, and fun of the books. And yes, we do have an older bearded man on the cover, and isn`t he all sorts of Derrick Andersson sexy? And our heroine is just lovely, with a hint of hidden sensuality, just like Maggie in the book.

If you`re looking for a twenty-something couple, or a Fabio type paired with a Kardashian sort of gal, O Captain! My Captain! isn`t for you. But, if you`re looking for a couple in their forties who are dealing with the sometimes brutal ups-and-downs of life while falling in love, then you`ll want to pick up a copy of the third To Love a Wildcat novel.

Tentative release date is July 7th  exclusively from Secret Cravings Publishing. Thank you so much for dropping by! How about a small snippet from Derrick and Maggie`s story?


            "I should probably go."

            I straightened then looked at Derrick taking up all the space in Trevor`s small bedroom. I suspected the man took up all the space in any room he occupied. I reached up to smooth down my windblown hair.

            "Let me show you out," I said softly. We left Trevor to sleep the worst of his overindulgence off. Down we went. The squeaky fourth step groaned at the weight of the Wildcats captain yet again. I followed Derrick through my messy living room. The boys had spent some time down here before they left to get soused. Where they got the booze would be discussed. I know they did not get it here. I don`t keep liquor in my house just for that reason. Not that I didn`t trust my son`s friends, but…

            Derrick stopped in front of the door, effectively barring me from opening it for him. I looked up. His emerald eyes showed signs of fatigue, but they still held great warmth. He opened his arms. I stepped into them without a second thought. How glorious it was to be held in strong arms! His lips burrowed into my hair. A tender kiss was placed to my scalp. I clung to him.

            "I need to tell you just how bad I feel about yelling at your son," Derrick whispered into my tresses. I shook my head then snuggled deeper into the bear hug. "No, I do," he continued. I breathed in his scent. It made me lightheaded with pleasure. "That was out of line. You already told me it was none of my business, and then I get right up into his grille."

            I snorted into his big, burly chest. "Into his grille? Aren`t you a little old to be using that terminology?"

            "Oh, well, yah, probably, but Lessard says it all the time," the man confessed, his hands splayed across my back to keep me in place. He didn`t have to worry. I would stand here in his arms forever. I had it bad."Anyways, you were right to get mad. It`s not for me to say how you raise your son. It`s just, when he used all that bad language in front of you, it made me angry. I kid you not, if I got caught saying 'Poop' out loud my ma would have scoured my mouth with soap."

            "Mine too." I sighed. I really did miss my parents. My dad had passed from a heart attack when I was a junior in high school. My mother had died three years ago from complications after a bypass. With my genetics I was lucky my coronary hadn`t already happened. "Thank you for all your help tonight. Most men would have had their fun then told me to go home to take care of my rotten kid."

            "Yah well, I ain`t most men. I want to see you again, Maggie. Honest to gosh, I truly do. You make me feel like I haven`t felt since I was a young goober in my first collegiate season. You think you could go out with a beat-up old Viking like me?"

            "I think so," I said then rose to my toes to meet him halfway down. His kiss was passionate yet gentle. I hated to see it end but when we both yawned in each other faces, the snickers overtook the lust. "Damn, it sucks to grow old."

            "Yah, an all- nighter for me now means I don`t got to get up to pee in the middle of the night." He chuckled. I laughed as well. This man was far too good for the life I lived. I ran my fingers over his wide shoulders then slipped out of his embrace.

            "Be careful on the drive back to Philly," I said as I opened the door. The neighborhood was coming awake fully now. My neighbors would be wondering who the ginormous truck belonged to. Imagine their surprise when they saw Derrick gimping to the Silverado proud as you please. "Make sure you get some sleep before you get behind the wheel."           

            "You can worry about a lot of things, but you don`t got to worry about me, Maggie," he said with a twinkle in his eye. He grabbed one last kiss then ambled across the yard. I closed the door after he gave me a goodbye honk. Guess Derrick Andersson wasn`t concerned about keeping his affairs a secret. I drug myself upstairs to grab a couple hours of sleep, if possible. And yes, I did stop at my child`s door to make sure he was still breathing. It`s a mom thing.


Anonymous said...

Another for the TBR list! Mine...and the one I'll be posting for July. Nice excerpt.

V.L. Locey said...

Aw, that`s great to hear, Christina! Thanks so much. <3

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT. And yes I know I'm shouting, but that's a great cover.! Can't wait to get the book! Lola

V.L. Locey said...

Ha,ha! Feel free to shout, Lola. I agree, it is a great cover.