Saturday, June 21, 2014

Jeanine McAdam`s Pays a Visit! Free Book Giveaway!

Today I`m happy to have fellow New York Ranger fan, and all around lovely lady, Jeanine McAdam here. She`s going to give us some info on her upcoming hockey romance, as well as chat about a few of her favorite guys that wear the blueshirts of the Rangers. Take it away, Jeanine! 
*Note: Neither Jeanine or I own the images of the New York Rangers used in this post. *
A big thank you to V.L. for hosting me on her blog.  I`m a lover of hockey too and this summer I plan to finish up the first book in my new hockey trilogy!!  I haven't selected a title yet but here`s a blurb:
Nurse Gabriella Guerrera is of Dominican descent and lives in Washington Heights with her close-knit, overly protective Latino family. Canadian Benjamin McKenna is a forward for the New York Rangers and the highest scorer on the team. His demanding fashion model girlfriend expects nothing less than a super star on her arm. All that changes when Ben is checked into the boards and suffers a debilitating injury. Gabby cares for Ben and as the hockey player heals he gets dropped by his girlfriend, discovers that cultural clashes can be interesting in an arousing sort of way and learns to respect a very determined girl from the Heights.
A few of my favorite hockey players:
Brian Boyle is big.  He is 6'7, weighs 244 pounds.  Comes from an Irish Catholic family of eleven or it may even be thirteen.  Leave a comment below with the correct number.  And, Brian becomes a free agent July 1st.  Hopefully he’ll end up back with the Rangers.

Mats Zuccarello is 5'7, (note a foot smaller than Brian Boyle) weighs 180 pounds and is fast.  He's a little guy from Norway who zooms around the ice.  Mats is also in contract negotiations this summer.

A new favorite Chris Kreider.  He’s an American.  Grew up in Massachusetts and like Brian Boyle he went to Boston College.  Did a terrific job for the Rangers during the playoffs.

Even though I'm moving on to hockey players there are always the bull riders to swoon over too.  I'm giving away an ebook copy of THE BULL RIDER AND THE BARE BOYCOTTER the first book in my 'Skirts and Spurs' trilogy.  Leave your email address below.

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Cindy Bartolotta said...

Ranger fan, huh? I live near and work in the heart of Steeler/ Pirate/ Penguin country (though I like the Mets). Sweet of you to offer a free book.

Jean Joachim said...

Great post! Love Jeanine's books.

Cathy Brockman said...

I dont watch Hockey on TV but I loved Vicki's Hockey plaers and all of them in Seduced by the game.. now cowboys...woohooo!!

Heare2Watts said...

Brian Boyle is in the middle of 13 children! I love this.

My Mom is #11 of 13 children and they are such a close knit family. It is precious watching the siblings together. There is 7 children left and they range from 90 to 71 years old.

Patty Denke said...

I love Vicki's books, but I am a Wyoming cowgirl in Montana country! There are seven children in my family (I am oldest), my mom was second oldest of ten, and my dad was smack in the middle of eleven!

Da Angel said...

Oh wow thank you
I love them cowboys

Jeanine said...

Thanks all for stopping by to visit me here at Vicki's blog. Great to meet so many folks who love both cowboys and hockey players -- LOL!

Jeanine said...

Good to know Brian Boyle is among 13 children. Thanks Heare2Watts.

Jeanine said...

HI All:
I'm giving out the free ebook to those who left their email addresses. Please add your email if you want the book!! Jeanine

GingerRing said...

Hi Great interview! Brian has 12 brothers and sisters and I enjoyed watching him in the cup. I love books with cowboys so your book sounds like something I would enjoy reading.