Thursday, May 1, 2014

Throwback Thursday Tune

This is a thing. I see this thing over on Facebook. I thought I`d like to do this thing, so I`m going to do it but just a wee bit differently, which should surprise absolutely nobody.

Instead of posting pictures of myself as a kid, I`ll be posting links to great tunes. Let`s face it, you`d much rather enjoy some great music then see me at five in my Easter bonnet and dress. Feel free to jam along then leave a comment. Did you dig the tune? Are you feeling funky? Any awesome tune from yesteryear that you`d like to see on TTT? Leave your request in the comments, and if chosen, your name will appear in the header when your song request is posted!

So, for this first Throwback Thursday Tune, let`s have something from the world`s greatest rock & roll band.


Liza O'Connor said...

That was interesting to see a young Jagger. That was Jagger wasn't it? I'm use to seeing the old skeleton, ravaged by drugs version.

This version wasn't yet destroyed. But he hadn't acquired the showmanship of skeleton version.

Life... it's so strange.

Thanks for the retro.

Heare2Watts said...

OMG if that isn't a very young Mick!

V.L. Locey said...

Wasn`t Mick all that when he was young? Thanks for dropping by gals.

Flossie Benton Rogers said...

LOL I want to hear great music AND see you in your Easter bonnet!

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Love the Stones!

V.L. Locey said...

Ha,ha! I was almost as cute as young Mick in my bonnet, Flossie!

I was quite a Stones fan back in the day myself, Trisha. Still am!

Patty Denke said...

Favorite sport: To watch....I think gymnastics. Favorite to do. Read. Favorite band...umm. Cowboy Junkies.
But, all seriousness. I loved "A Most Unexpected Countess". I liked the vulnerability of the characters.