Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sneak Peek Sunday

Here`s a fun way to discover possible new reads. Just hop from one blog to the next for six paragraphs from that author`s current WIP or published work! This week I`ll be sharing something extra special. Six more paragraphs from my M/M hockey romance Two Man Advantage. The response to last weeks peek was so overwhelming, I had to bring you readers a bit more of Victor and Dan`s romance. 

Look for Two Man Advantage to be released sometime later this year as a stand alone novella. My idea of a collection has fallen by the wayside. Which is good for my readers because they won`t have to wait for me to finish then collect all those stories! The cover art is done for Two Man Advantage, and it is now in the hands of my most trusted hockey guru/beta reader. 

This novella contains one of my favorite gay leading men, the highly abrasive Victor Kalinski. Be warned folks, there is really bad language in this excerpt. These are hockey players, not monks. So even if you clicked past the mature content warning and have gotten this far, if you are upset by dirty words, now is the time to leave. No one will think less of you. Also this is a gay romance.  If that`s not your cup of tea, please feel free to move along to the next sneak peek. I will not be offended. 

Since this is a rough draft, you may stumble across some errors. I do apologize about any mistakes anyone may find. 

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            His handsome face screwed up in rage. “Man, I can`t believe you!” he hissed, his gloved hands flying around wildly. “You and me spend all night in bed, then when I touch you the following morning you act like I`m some sort of walking syphilis sore!”
            I threw a fast look around the stadium. No one could be seen.
            “Okay, for starters, you need to calm the fuck down,” I hissed through clenched teeth. “I don`t think either of us are ready to pull a Ryan Amirault.”

            Ryan Amirault was the premier goalie in the minors who had come out in a big way after winning the championship with the Harrison Hawks last year. As one of the B people in LGBT, I was thrilled to see Amirault and his partner step out of the closet. What that move meant for him remained to be seen. He was still in the minors. Why and how I did not know, but I wasn`t taking the chance of having my career ruined by one person overhearing this fucking Degrassi-styled spat. Dan glowered but his lips compressed. I leaned my hip into the boards. He remained rigid, only moving to pass his weight from one skate to another.

            “Now, why are you being such a bitch about this?” I asked. He shoved me to my ass. I sat there gaping up at the rugged little runt. I was torn between getting up and punching him in the face or taking him back to our hotel room to fuck him again.
            “That a bitch move?” he barked, crouching down to stare into my eyes. “I might be gay, but I am not a pussy. I will whip your ass if you say I`m a bitch again.”

            “Fucking A,” I grumbled as I got to my skates. Dan lifted his chin. I towered over the man and yet he was not intimidated. I really liked that he didn`t take my shit. Most people did. Fucking him right here on the ice would be so hot. “My bad,” I mumbled, making a lunge for him. He met the move with an elbow to the mouth. My bottom lip split. Blood filled my mouth. My balls felt heavier. “You are a fucking lunatic,” I said then spat a mouthful of blood to the ice.

            “Remember that. I don`t take being treated like a whore. Now, you going to be yourself tonight when we get back to the hotel, or are you going to be a human being? I will not be treated like I`m just a fucking orifice, Kalinski,” Dan snarled. I nodded. “Yes, you`re going to be a douche, or yes, you`re going to treat me like the man you want to share a room with?”

            “The second,” I said softly, my pride rebelling loudly.
            “Good. You`re bottoming tonight,” he announced before skating away. Okay, how the fuck did I just get ranked down to bottom? And why the hell was I so aroused by the thought?


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Cathy Brockman said...

Oh boy I can't wait for this

V.L. Locey said...

Thanks, Cat. I`m hoping to have it out within 6 months, if all goes well.