Friday, April 4, 2014

A Most Unlikely Countess Release Day!

Today is the day! Liz and Veikko`s story is now available for purchase at the Secret Cravings Website. I am so happy and excited for the second book in my Wildcats series to finally be out. I think you`ll enjoy reading about our demure, yet remarkably resilient, heroine as she captures the heart of one of the league`s most famous goaltenders.

From beta readers to editors all the way to my proof reader, everyone has fallen in love with Elizabeth. I hope you do as well. I know I certainly did. Thank you all for your continued support. It truly is most deeply appreciated. *hugs*

Painfully shy Liz Argon probably shouldn`t be dreaming of Veikko Aho, star goalie for the Philadelphia Wildcats. As she works side by side with 'The Count of the Crease' on his memoirs, she finds herself falling for the handsome goaltender. His tender ways with her and her mentally fragile mother are slowly claiming her heart. If only Veikko wasn`t already engaged to a woman far better suited to move in to 'The Count`s' world. In book two of the To Love a Wildcat series, we`ll see if a glass slipper can survive in the rough and tumble world of professional ice hockey.

A Most Unlikely Countess

If you haven`t read Pink Pucks & Power Plays, the first book in the series, here`s the link for Viviana and Alain`s novel. I do suggest reading them in order.

Pink Pucks & Power Plays


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the "family", Lizzie! So glad to have your book out!! (Lola)

V.L. Locey said...

Thank you for the warm wishes, Lola. I know how much you love our Liz. =)