Thursday, March 6, 2014

Vicki-Ann Bush Pays a Visit!

Please welcome Vicki-Ann to our little corner of the interweb! She`s here to chat about her process, and a few great looking books she`s involved with. The floor is all yours, Vicki-Ann!


First I'd like to start off by thanking V.L. for hosting me as a guest on her wonderful blog. It is always so appreciated to have someone recognize your work and you as an author. I'd also like to invite the readers to check out my Amazon and Barnes and Noble pages as well as my blog Silent Pen (although I doubt I am as interesting as V.L.) and my Facebook author page.

Vicki-Ann Bush Facebook Page

I've been writing since I'm about thirteen and published since 2008. I never sent any work in until I was literally pushed by my daughters. Since then my love for writing has grown and so has my interest. I started with childrens books and now write YA fiction. I almost certainly always have a romance in the story, no matter what the underlining plot and tend to gear toward paranormal although my upcoming new release has no paranormal at all. I write wherever the idea takes me. I don't usually follow an outline, rather it's when and what the characters speak to me that guides me through a story. My ideas come from places that may not inspire everyone, like seeing a phrase, or a group of people at a restaurant or even a mountain. My mind creates what's not there out of something that is.


Barnes & Noble

As for what is going on now, things are starting to pick up and really get interesting. I have The Dusk Chronicles, a paranormal love story that is currently available. It was originally released as three novelette e books and when it went to paper back, the publisher, Salt of the Earth Press, opted to combine them into one book. But in May, my historical romance The Garden of Two is slated for release by Front Porch Romance Publishers. I am super excited about this one because although it is being released after The Dusk Chronicles, it is actually the first novel I wrote. 

In addition to my books, there is a project that I am over the top thrilled to be a part of. The two anthologies created by Tina Smith, Lacing Shadows and Nightlife. Both are paranormal, however Lacing Shadows is adult and Nightlife is young adult and will contain five short stories. I am writing a YA Paranormal for Nightlife. They are slated to be released later in the year, so please keep an eye out for them. It is going to be very diverse because each short story is written by a different author which means something for 

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