Monday, February 17, 2014

Writing Process Blog Tour

This is what my process generally looks like, only less neat:

Today I`m participating in a Writing Process Blog Tour. Now this isn`t your usual blog tour, this one is a tour where authors answer questions about our process. My good buddy Lynn Townsend posted hers last week. You can find it here:

Now it`s my turn. Here are my replies to the four questions. I`ll say now that these were much harder than I had anticipated.

1-What am I working on? I  know that I seem to be working on multiple projects, but in reality I crank out one at a time. At the moment (Which is this week) I`m working on a rewrite for the next installment for my Toms & Tabbies M/M romantic-comedy series. This novella has been giving me some fits, but I finally got the kinks worked out. It took me leaving it sit for a few days while I worked on a short story for a shifter anthology I want to submit to. I think I finally have things ironed out for Early to Rise.

2-How does my work differ from others of its genre? I try to put the right combination of snarky fun into my erotic romances. I like to enjoy the work, and not take myself ,or the novel, too seriously. Unless it`s supposed to be serious, of course. 

3-Why do I write what I do? My muse tells me too. Honestly. I am being straight-up honest. I am at her mercy. That`s why I`m a multigenre author. I enjoy reading books that are varied, so I suppose that might carry over into what I`m inspired to write. One day it might be gay shifters, the next it might be hot hockey men and the women that they love. It`s all good!

4-How does your writing process work? It`s funny that this question has come around. I just discussed this very thing in a promotional bit for my Pink Pucks & Power Plays blog tour. Since I am always one to save on work whenever possible, I`m going to snag that from the promo post and use it here. This segment explains how the To Love a Wildcat series came into being. My process it generally the same for each book or series, and I am a pantser with a capitol P.

One of the best things about being an author, aside from being able to kill off people that aggravate you in real life in your books, is being able to create something from scratch. I'm not sure how the creative process for all writers works, but for me it begins with an idea or notion. Generally this notion isn`t firmly rooted in anything solid, it`s kind of a free floating apparition that bounces around inside my mind. Sometimes the ghost of a novel disappears when I shine the light of reason on it.

'Uhm yeah, zombie cats that ride OCC choppers is cool, but I`m not sure that a cat could pass the written part of the motorcycle licensing exam. They have no thumbs to hold the pen.'

Other ideas are specters just waiting for a blank page to bring them to life. That was the case with my To Love a Wildcat series. After writing Goaltender`s Penalty, an M/M hockey novella, I knew I wanted to pen more ice hockey romance. Being a big fan of the New York Rangers, my love of the sport, and the men that play it, was already in place. Now, I needed a team. Since I`ve lived on the east coast of the United States all my life, I placed my new team in a city I had visited numerous times, Philadelphia.

Then I had to ascertain if this series would be male/male or male/female, as I do pen both. That decision was an easy one, for most of my work comes to me with the sexes of the leads already in place. So, the Wildcat series would be male/female. Check. Now we needed the starring male and the female.

 I knew that I wanted the ladies of the Wildcats to be different from the typical mold of romance heroines. So Viviana was created. Viv is a sassy, curvy woman who has embraced her plus size. Her leading man, the handsome, and younger, defenseman Alain Lessard, contrary to what many would have us believe, finds Viviana highly enticing and erotic. I knew Alain was from Quebec the moment I wrote him. I could hear that sensual accent in my mind.

I bet you think we`re done now, right? Wrong. Now we needed to create an entire hockey team and organization. From scratch. That is a lot of people! It took a great deal of time but was well worth it. From owner to equipment manager the Philadelphia Wildcats are neatly laid out on virtual paper. After that, I could dive into writing this erotic romance. 


Thanks for dropping in to read my post. You can check out the writing processes of two of my author buddies who will post next week:

Cathy Brockman-Cathy Brockman has a childlike side. Cathy Boyd  that is the author of Luke's Dragon
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Cathy has decided to never grow up and loves to crochet, sew, turn trash into treasures, cook, and garden.

She also likes to spend time with her eleven grandchildren,a doggie that thinks she is one of the kid,s and her six cats.

Ellie Mack-After a successful professional career, I changed jobs for one of the most rewarding jobs - mother. Now that my children are approaching adulthood I'm in revision 3.0 - fiction author - my true passion since childhood.

Regardless of what career path you choose, pursue it with all your heart. Defeat only occurs when you don't try. I'm no longer entertained by watching life pass me by, I can't stand the bleacher seats. I'm thoroughly engaged, down in the mud and grime sleeves rolled up living it now!


Melanie Ting said...

You thought up the whole team before writiing? Well done, it's great to pay attention to detail, I think that always makes the book better for the reader.

V.L. Locey said...

Pretty much, yes I did, Melanie. I knew that I needed things written down, as a hockey team is a large organization, and my memory is not as good as it used to be! =)