Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Says Who?

That`s what I want to know.

I know that sounds a little childish, but I`m curious. Just who is it that sets all this stuff up that we`re supposed to abide by? I suppose I should clarify a bit.

A couple weeks ago I was joyfully visiting my M/M groups on Facebook. I belong to quite a few groups : some for male-male writers and some for male-female writers, some for writers of any genre, some for fans of comics, and a few for Rangers groupies . . . I mean backers.

As I was reading through the many posts one in particular caught my eye. It was from another author who was getting quite upset about the audacity of some male-female writer crossing her genre to pen a male-male tale. 

Oh wait, I just answered my own question. That upset author was the one who said it. Well, we`ll carry on anyway because there is a point in this post somewhere.

But why was this being said in the first place? I mean, isn`t it hard enough being an author? Now we have to battle with others in our field saying we can`t write what we wish. That we have to stay in one genre. Why? If I feel like writing a M/F hockey romance, then I write it. Why shouldn`t I? If the muse tells me to pen a M/M shifter story, I pen it.

I suppose I just don`t understand why we as authors can`t stand together. So who cares if Joe Journalist is a het author but wants to pen a lesbian story? Why is that bad? Is there some law I don`t know about? As long as Joe is a good author with respect for his characters, go for it I say.

 See, the way I look at it is that romance is romance. Love is love. I don`t write gay love any differently than I do straight love. Why would I? Isn`t this the kind of thinking GLBT people and their allies are fighting against? Don`t call it 'Gay Marriage' just call it 'Marriage', right? So why would the gay genre be unwilling to accept a het writer into our ranks? Or am I not in the ranks because I write both?

I don`t get it. If we`re all writing about romance, why keep this genre barrier between us? If our stories are showing two people falling in love . . .

Well, you all get the gist. Maybe someday soon we can all stop insisting on putting labels on things. Maybe someday we can all be just romance writers. Maybe someday we can all just give each other a hug. Who says? I says.

What do you say?


Cathy Brockman said...

this is so true!!!

V.L. Locey said...

Glad to hear you agree, Cat.

Jillian said...

total agreement. There are enough good stories out there and readers to read them that we should never be limited.

V.L. Locey said...

Exactly, Jillian.