Thursday, January 23, 2014

Road Trip!

I just love travelling via the interweb, don`t you?

Over the next several weeks, I`ll be on the road, just like my Wildcats hockey team minus the possible fisticuffs and resulting sin bin time, to promote Pink Pucks & Power Plays

While it`s true, I don`t have a huge charter jet like the Wildcats do, I do happen to be the proud owner of the Ranger-Mobile, complete with snazzy bumper sticker!

Yep. I`ll be tooling around the internet, visiting blogs and meeting new friends starting today and spanning the majority of February. But don`t fear! I`ll return to my home rink to share Tuesday Tales, as well as host some great authors that are on the road as well!

I hope you`ll drop in at the lovely blogs that I`ll be visiting, I`ll leave links for each stop I make. If possible, it would be great to let the authors coming here see your support. We writers do love hearing from readers!

So, I suppose I had best pack my bag, grab my big Wildcats foam finger, and gas up the Ranger-Mobile. Looks like it`s going to be a whirlwind road trip!

 Today you can find me at Cathy Brockman`s blog:

Cathy Brockman - Author of Hot Romance

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