Monday, January 20, 2014

Pink Pucks & Power Plays Excerpt # 2

Another week closer! I`m sure Viviana and Alain are getting antsy to share the story of their sultry love affair with you. I know I`m beyond excited! Thankfully we only have two days left until the release date! If you`re interested in reserving your copy, Pink Pucks is now available for pre-order! 

Pink Pucks & Power Plays

Speaking of erotic love affairs, why don`t we have a spicy snippet this time? Let`s see how a night on the town ends for our handsome young D-man and his sassy new flame, shall we?


One just never knows when one offers a man a whistle-wetter what form that wetting will take. Whereas I had envisioned a long, tall flute of some lovely mid-priced champagne from my fridge to refresh Alain`s tongue he had something a bit less alcoholic in mind.

“It looks like I have one bottle of bubbly left from a New Year`s Eve party, or two bottles of raspberry spring water,” I announced from the chilly confines of my refrigerator. “Personally, I`d go with the champagne. The flavored water tastes off to me for some reason.” I reached for the bottle on the top shelf,  then pulled out two chilled flutes from the half dozen I leave in the fridge. “So, what do you want to wet your whistle with?” I asked, waving the bottle, cold air blowing over my calves.

           Alain never uttered a syllable. His eyes grabbed mine. My heart leaped around like a frog on meth in my chest, and then he was all over me.

My back hit the kitchen wall soundly. I held a bottle of champagne in my left hand and two crystal goblets in my right. Alain had me by the waist. My arms were looped around his neck. My leg was hiked up the side of his hip. He was more than mildly thirsty from his week on first base. He was nearly dehydrated. His tongue wrestled with mine aggressively.

           I pushed the cold bottle of Bollinger against the back of his head, egging him into kissing me harder and deeper. The light from the refrigerator was the only illumination aside from a small plum nightlight I keep lit beside the sink. I hoped like hell the salami didn`t get too warm.

I nearly dropped the bubbly when he lifted me from the floor to the counter. His mouth never left mine. 

He was so damned thirsty.


To find out how this little whistle wetting adventure ends, you`ll have to grab a copy of Pink Pucks & Power Plays when it releases! I`m a terrible tease, I know.


Christina Cole said...

Great excerpt! Enjoyed it thoroughly.

V.L. Locey said...

Thank you, Christina!